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Why would you even think of wanting to do Caps Market? it should be your last option.
Kyun karna hai capital markets??? And don't give into the star partners in this practice - bigger the partner(s), busier the team and it goes on. Indus is top tier in the capital markets market but the large number of exits veil the positives. Speak to an insider and get some idea in light of the same to be better informed about the pros and cons. Avoid this practice at all costs, good luck!
Both the Mumbai and Delhi offices are overworked, it is better to avoid. Consider AZB/SAM's Delhi offices for core capital markets at all costs. As far as Mumbai is concerned, go for KCO, Trilegal and S&R. Keep Indus as your last resort since the work culture in this particular team is absolutely terrible.
Great guy it seems, he has bagged Sequoia as a client. Work life balance balance might be skewed though. Indus in general is pretty sorted for capmarks. Any leads would be appreciated, thanks!
The partners and the team generally are very nice. The work is very monotonous though.
Manan Lahoty jabtak zinda hai, tabtak capital markets Indus ka zinda hai!