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Does college name matter after getting job in a firm ?
Does a bad college restricts you from promotion or its all fair in there and name doesn't matter after getting a job ?
Please answer
Never went to an NLS or fancy law school to burn a hole in my parentโ€™s savings and did LLB in a local college. Did cold calling for jobs in tier 1s. Happy to inform that have spent the last 6 years (since graduating) in Tier 1s only- in Lower Parel :)
Having said thatโ€ฆ the NLS expose you to better recruitment opportunities vis a vis others
I don't think it's a great advice to give.
You were obviously quite skilled but that isn't the case with most of the local law graduates, better to go for a T-1 NLU and burn your pocket rather than opening a notary in front of the court.
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It does. Was writing a KM update when at KCO. Turned out another team was also writing on the same topic. Was asked which law school I'm from and was told to stop writing.
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