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What's with the title? So is the opinion popular or unpopular? You know they are opposites right
In a capitalist 'free market' economy, price is determined by the twin forces of demand and supply. With the increasing number of law universities in India and the stagnating number and size of the big firms willing to pay that salary, it is unlikely that the price (salary) will be hiked anytime soon. If you or I don't take up the job at that salary, then someone else will, and the number of paymasters willing to pay even that much to a fresher in this sector is really low.
maybe atleast 20L pa taking inflation into consideration
A0s kick off at 16 LPA in line with the nature of work done by A0s. Very few jobs have increments in range of approx 30% on aYoY.
As a Litigation junior at a Top chamber making Rs. 30K a month. Tier 1 salaries of Rs. 100K + per month are really worth the hype.
This is what happens when 100% of your social circle is just lawyers.
mid-large Inhouse department. 12 years back, we used to offer 30-35 k per month to freshers. now it is 75k.
It's not unpopular opinion Infact it's not just popular opinion but toto true that Tier 1 law firm salaries are not worth the hype.This is also because we classify shit lala nepo firms like KAM, BZC, Shaitan as Tier 1 category.This are forms running on papa or uncle's legacy and they don't know a ahir about the law.Whatvthey do know is the art of conning and swindling clients to overpay so that they give you a menial share,treat you worse than salve and full their fat pockets.Thata the popular and true reality of purported Tier 1 law firms in India where no half decent lawyer will join and if by mistake they do, they won't stay