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Stop moaning about KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma and all those chomus. Screw them. Now the focus is on football!

Who's gonna win and who are y'all supporting?

Me: Brazil gonna win but I will support Spain. Always been fans of them. And it helps to have gorgeous female fans the cameramen keep focusing on 😍
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Does it help to remember that India probably won't play in the FWC in your lifetime?
In India, no-one really cares about Football, so go sit in ur little cubicle and do the work or you'll be shown the door son πŸ₯°
Its coming home, its coming home, football's coming home
1. Belgium
2. France
3. Senegal

In that order of likelihood
Belgium doesn't have defence...KDB is a a world class player, but i dont see them going beyond QFs at Max

France lacks experienced midfield this time

Senegal, the did win AFCON, and that's all they will win
Reportedly, many Indian and neighbouring countries' workers lost their life building the infrastructure for the Qatar Fifa World Cup. Not sure whether the families of the deceased have received compensation.

India should take a stand on this issue. I personally wouldn't indulge into this world cup.

What do you all feel?
To the guy commenting about India: you should know that India once came fourth in the Olympics and won gold in the Asia Cup in football. At that time clubs in Kolkata, Kochi, Goa etc were really good and had strong support. We need to once again support domestic footballers in India instead of the overpaid clowns playing IPL on flat tracks.
Bullshit tournament. Doesn't feel like a World Cup at all. No culture of football, no beer, girls asked to "dress modestly" etc. I was seeing a news report where the Qatari govt was showing off fans with Argentina and Portugal jerseys (to show everything is normal) but they clearly look like Bangladeshi migrant workers who were dressed up as fake fans.
Switched off the TV after watching the first half of Ecuador v Qatar. Kya ch****ap yaar. A rubbish team getting free entry by virtue of being hosts via bribery of FIFA officials.
Honestly, I just don't enjoy football. I think it's a boring sport. Most of the time is spent passing the ball round and in some matches you have no goals beings scored. Cricket is more interesting. Cricket also requires more brain and strategy, whereas football is just brawn. Also, it's a big turn-off that most of the players are uneducated and thuggish, while the fans are often outright goondas. The sport has no class and sophistication.
Are you confusing cricket with chess? isn't cricket all about hitting a ball the farthest you can? usme kya brain and strategy?
Ever supported Mohun Bagan? Any other indian team?

Begaani shaadi mein abdullah deewana....