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So what did you'll get for diwali this year? Spill the beans. Which top tier gave the best gift? What about others?
As diwali gift, they staffed me in another transaction. Instead of crackers my ass will be on fire everyday
Fitness tracker to track how out of shape you get each passing day because of work?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not that it matters but it just shows what you mean to the management. Makes me wonder if these people are really worth working for. Oh firangi firms... When are thou coming?
If you didnt do WFM (W suspect), you'd have gotten the mithai dabba. Not substantial but not nada.
Luthra had a drinks party. What about Saraf, Trilegal, Khaitan, S&R, etc.?
Sleepy Owl Coffee Flavours, a metal bottle with logo and a frother for the coffee.
A bonus of lot of money, but HR told me not to tell anyone so keep this between you and me. :
They wished Happy Diwali in Tamil and Kannada. Namma Banglur.
A litigation chamber I used to work at gave me 10k Diwali bonus, besides a drinks party at the office.
The 10k was really cool considering they used to pay me just 20k otherwise lol.
I was not well (read got detected with something major which needs surgery). Partner knew about it. I was on medication. took leave 2 days before diwali and 3 days after Diwali. He didn't even ask once if I'm okay. I joined back office yesterday. HR told me I am fired because of leaves.
That’s so insensitive, hope you find a better place to work with.
If it's not an invasion of your privacy, could you please name the firm?
Got my dues. Should I seriously name the firm?How it will impact my future?
Dude he is not your relative or guardian to care about every little thing like if you are okay? He has other works too yr, do you know how stingy clients are and how fast they want work to be done?
The firing thing was not without reason
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