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Wouldn't AOC-4 be a better choice for viewing financials?
He runs a LLP not a company. You will need to look at Form 8 not MGT-7/AOC-4.
Ramanuj & Abhyuday are directors in multiple entities - at least 3 companies and one LLP. Also one US c-corp.
Don't know about the revenue and stuff but I'm genuinely devasted because of the advertisement, it keeps showing in my YouTube. Generally I would've let it slide [...].
Although if someone else is facing this problem then you can click on the information icon and tap on 'don't show me this ad again', it works for a while.
I am not woke, but I am educated enough to know that [...]

To all A0s and law students who want to know what goes on at a Big 6 firm - People like AshRay and the upvoters of his comments always judge you [...] They also make snarky comments. Does it matter? I don't know. But, that's life.
I'm not judging the guy or anything, just stating the plain and simple facts.
Have you even seen the advertisement? I highly doubt it. [...]
I obviously did not intend to insult the guy, my objective was merely to portray the distress it might be causing for an individual who has nothing to do with a C-O-R-P-O-R-A-T-E job but still he has to deal with this.
And the major issue is that it's not his original accent, he tries to speak as slowly as possible making everyone vowel sound x2. If you see his other videos, he is obviously fine but I'm just pointing out the accent in the advert which makes it cringe.
And yeah, you're woke :)
Do you realise that speaking slowly can actually help more people understand what he is saying despite the former not being very comfortable with English? On the other hand, from your general demeanor, you will be happier rattling off Queen's English regardless of the impact that you are actually having on people's comprehension. Moreover, you are spouting irrelevant matters here that have got nothing to do with the OP and trying to hijack attention.
1.1.1 may or may not be woke, but you are for sure cringe.
I'm aware of that. It was sarcasm. Like the Queen, his elitism should also die a timely death now.
You need to recheck the meaning of judging. You are definitely doing that here, that along with displaying snobbery.
Aren't you an NLSIU grad? So much for your college's fake SJW values.
He is not a law grad at all. Was a law aspirant till last year.
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What is the point of this comment? It is completely out of the context.
not to mention the full screen popup ads on ipleaders and others...
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AshRay - please do not use your registered LI account to insult people.

Regarding OP, the co-founder's Twitter bio seems to state "USD 5m+ annual rev."
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On another note, when are you going to reopen registration? And if the answer is not anytime soon, then why are you still allowing past registrations to continue?
Yes, registered accounts bypass moderation but there'd been a problem with spam so we've had to lock registrations, but hope to be able to activate them very soon, along with some other changes...
This is Joomala na? Purge the registered accounts and re-open registrations when you bring your other changes.
Yes, it's currently Joomla but we're transitioning to something completely new and more flexible, we hope to be able to have a beta version to share with you soon.
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More than most partners, you laugh at their English, they laugh at your bank account.
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Commenter # 2 is disgusting. Even more disgusting are the readers upvoting it. Ramanuj has repeatedly said how he was bullied for his vernacular accent in NUJS and decried the English elitism of NLUs. This is precisely why he backs non-NLU students from humble backgrounds.

The students and alumni of NLUs pretend to be woke, yet their real elitist nature comes to the surface through comments like these. Making fun of people's accents is a form of casteism practised by liberal elites of NLUs. It's the same reason why Narendra Modi makes them Lutyens elites uncomfortable. Similarly, Ramanuj and LawSikho are detested for being non-elites challenging the elites of NLUs.

You guys just proved Ramanuj right.
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I agree with your criticism of Ashray and the upvoters. I also appreciate Ramanuj's effort. However, just for the sake of setting records straight and speaking as one of his contemporaries from NUJS, he was never bullied at NUJS for his accent.
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LawSikho earns 5mn USD a year? 40 crores? That's amazing!
Really dumb to focus on someone's accent. Look at how the company is growing. This video has 500,000+ vies and he has tied up with UpGrad. So I reckon Ramanuj will be making at least as much as a Big 7 partner, if not more. He is his own boss. So why all the hate? Jealousy?
I am not sure. I dislike what they do. They sell dreams to people. Which is a legitimate business. But it's not something to write home about.

But Ramanuj, as much as I dislike him, has pulled himself up by his bootstraps and made a successful business. He does not deserve to be bullied because of his accents or ads. He knows his audience and he caters to them.

Lawyers would do well to learn from him. Being bougie can cost you clients for today's rich people aren't bougie.
I interned there during Covid, there are a number of similar smaller platforms out there too. Ipleaders, Ledx, Legal Edge etc. All they do is sell dreams to lakhs of students that they will someday be working in a CoRpOrAtE Law firm if they sign up for all their courses and Bootcamps etc. Pay thousands for a few hours and just like that you will be preferred in law firm for recruitment.

What they say is not that unique too, [...]

The business model is to spend aggressively on marketing on all platforms, take in a huge number of students and get them to spend money on courses. [...]

All they do is work like an extension to the education industry in general [...]

[...] I have worked at these places during Covid.

Ramanuj is living the dream.

πŸ‘‰ Running his own company without taking orders from a bania law firm owner.

πŸ‘‰Earning several crores a year, much more than law firm partners and GCs

πŸ‘‰ Having clients who are like fans and keep praising him on social media, instead of demanding in-house clients who pay little, demand a lot and show no gratitude


The guy leads a life which many NLU grads aspire to, so they are jealous of him. What especially annoys the haters is that he is from a humble background and proudly speaks with a desi accent without being embarrassed. And on top of that he dumps on NLUs and exposes NLU grads as entitled people who are not really superior to TLC grads πŸ˜‚

Ramanuj, hats off to you and keep doing what you are doing.