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Hi. As the heading suggests, is 60k enough to survive decently in Mumbai? I am currently working in Delhi at a small corporate law firm in the practice area of PE/VC and earning INR 40k right now. I have received an offer from a relatively small full-service law firm in Mumbai to join their transaction team. It is definitely a step up from my current firm. So the main question is can I live decently in Mumbai? Just for reference, my expenditure is as follows:

1) INR 13k (pg which includes food+wifi+laundry+electricity)
2) INR 5K - Order/eating outside
3) INR 4k - Shopping
4) INR 2k - All Subscriptions
5) INR 2K Travel
the rent in Mumbai is astronomically high as compared to Delhi. Double your budget for rent and travelling if you want to live comfortably. rest is up to you ad where you wat to spend your money
Will 60k be enough to survive in Mumbai? Absolutely yes.
Will 60k be enough to lead a comfortable and cushy life? I don't think so, but it really depends on you.
Should be okay, allocate 25 k for a shared apartment in Goregaon, Malad, Kandivali. Other expenses will also go up slightly. For the most part, prefer Gokul over Leopold (I still do).
My office is in Fort area. I prefer to live near to my office, so which place would you suggest?
They would be super expensive, that's why. Else, I would have suggested Worli, Peddar Road, Malabar Hill.
Hey, I just moved to SoBo a couple of months ago. I'd say 60K is a decent amount in Mumbai. So far, my estimation is that you need 35-40K to just break even with a relatively comfortable lifestyle but also actively keeping an eye out for saving - opting for public transport, sharing a room for now (IDT you can get single rooms flats/PGs under 20K) etc. So 60 should give you a comfortable margin and some savings every month.
My office would be in fort area. Can you suggest where exactly should I look for flats or pg? And more even how to find them? Further can you tell me what is the best way to travel? In Delhi I use the metro, is it the same in Mumbai but with local trains?
I would strongly suggest getting a place close to your office, because public transport is a little disorganised here. Maybe stay in a PG for a month or so while you hunt for flats, don't sign a lease without looking at the place because the construction quality in Town can be extremely unpredictable.

The Local serves the same purpose as the metro in Delhi, yes, but you also have to keep in mind that the network and the trains and the stations are decades older. So temper your expectations accordingly.

Anyway, if you're living in Town (South Bombay), it's unlikely you'll need to take the local to travel to office every day. It's mostly kaali-peeli cabs, which serve the purpose of autos in Town, since entry of autos is prohibited (I take it to the office whenever I'm running late, they run on metres and the fare is 40-50 rupees for 2.2 kms) or buses. I personally really like the buses, the network is very widespread and it is very easy to find a station near wherever you are. The only issue is, the traffic makes them a little unpredictable. So I usually take them only when I have a margin of 15-30 minutes. Or I just walk. 2kms isn't that much.

You will find several PGs around Fort area and Marine lines, a lot of colleges and offices are here, so the immigration rate is high. Since you are coming for a longer term, you can try looking for a flat as well. But the absolute lowest you can expect for a 1BHK is 30K and the lowest for a single occupancy room in a PG is 20K. Food extra. Even with flatmate(s) with everyone getting individual rooms, don't expect anything below 20K.
Mumbai is a very broker-heavy city, so your best bet is to look online or get in touch with some friends who know brokers. Maybe ask you office colleagues for some leads.

Helpful apps:
mIndicator (a guide to all modes of public transport in the city, vv helpful)
UTS (for booking Local tickets online. The ticketing queues are miles long)
Chalo (UTS for buses. The queues aren't the issue here, but it comes in handy if you don't have change)
Why do you spend 2K a month on subscriptions? Either download pirated stuff or limit yourself to one OTT platform and the cheapest plan.
Your law firm is lowballing you like mad with such a low offer.

You shouldn't even consider it tbh. 60k is not enough, you will struggle to live, you will just exist paycheck to paycheck. I have been there.

If you want to save any money, you will have to live in dingy buildings and crowded, possibly unhygienic places with baboons.

I have been through this.. So telling you do not take this up. This isnt 2014 to make such a low offer.

This firm is just gonna eat up all your time and life. Its a very low offer.

You're gonna be left with 54k, of which easily half will go in to your rent + commute + clothes + utilities. Then comes food.
If you're gonna be going out once in a while with friends or office people, you're gonna be on a diet of bread and water till next paycheck.

Also, what about clothes, shoes and so on? If you're gonna use your savings for these, go do something else in life.

Again sure, you can exist in such low pay, but if you want to actually live worry free, do not take this offer.
Not OP, but in the situation that you describe.

Should I make a dive for independent practice? I don't have any clients on pipeline although I do appear in the Courts.

Should I just sit and read in the Library or Bar Room of the Court and hope to be briefed for adjournment and directions?
It's before TDS. Just to update everyone I didn't accepted this offer. Accepted a offer from a Delhi based firm with a little less pay. Don't know if made the right decision. Both firm are almost equivalent I think.
Right decision bhai, you save so much on rent in Delhi, plus commute is easier
Honestly, not a bad decision. 60K in Mumbai is roughly the same as 40K in Delhi, so financially the position wouldn't have been a step-up.
People here are nuts. You need at least 2.5 L a month to survive in Mumbai. 1.2 L for a decent apartment, 90K for expenses, 40K a month savings (down to 20K if your girlfriend is high maintenance and expects meals at the Taj every week).
I think he was asking if it was enough for a fresher and not someone who has been ghisaaoing at a T1 for a few years and can’t leave because of being inundated with useless expenses.
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