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After a wait of almost 2 years, the SBC elections at NALSAR are back.

While the self proclaimed best leader and favourite of the then VC is out of the race, but he has given his support by entering into [...] MoU with the new face [...]. However the [...] candidate still remains in the race [...].

All in all, the season is back, the authorities will be providing sufficient mud for all the candidates so that they can throw it on whoever they want.

All the permutations and combinations will be applied till the last day and ultimately nobody is going to gain anything.

Personal opinion of author- I like spicy one but only as a poet.
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As long as the SBC Prez can get fuzzy back and restore NALSAR to its old glory, its all okay. #ChaliyeShuruKarteHai #VCkaElection #hokuspocus
Yes, hopefully the next SBC Prez can also get Moodyji to abdicate the PM post and thus usher in a new era of peace and prosperity. #ChaliyeShuruKarteHai #WifiThikKarwaoPehle #StudentIssuesPeDhyanDo #AbraKaDabra
It’s a fight between a pro-establishment traditional candidate [...] and an honest, genuine person who will fight for our rights. Please vote wisely and don’t be swayed by fancy words and speeches πŸ™
Yes. The NALSAR Elections. Something that concerns lesser number of people on legally india than the number of kitaanu that are left after using lifebuoy. Super excited. Yaay -__-
Sad to see the dirty politics being played by one of the people in contention.
This election has just become a proxy BJP vs Congress/Left fight like at JNU. But it will give us an idea of whether NALSAR is as woke as people think it is, or whether conservatives are the silent majority. From that perspective it is a very important election for not just NALSAR but the NLU community as a whole.
NUJS Elections were more interesting than NALSAR elections. NUJS had 2 right wingers contesting against each other and leftists voted NOTA in large numbers
The elections at NUJS involved more mudslinging than SP vs BJP in UP. A candidate was openly defamed in social media and emails and even the other one was targetted, though to a lesser extent. It was classic case to check who was the better politician
The election was between right and wrong. Pro establishment and path-breaker. Clearly, the pro-establishment candidate won at nujs and now we 3rd years are suffering the most.
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The dirtiest and cheapest tactics are being employed in this election. Voters are being lured by meals in restaurants. Bribery by another name.
Booze is being used to entice male voters just like political elections. Lots of empty bottles of foreign booze lying around all of a sudden.