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No. By convention the PM of India must always be from a Hindi Speaking State. Else the North Indians feel left out and start behaving badly.
He can speak Telugu, Hindi and English. 👌. His communication skills are amazing.
FWIW, KCR seems to be the most skilled at Hindi (Dakhni?) among all South Indian CMs but he is not a part of the Delhi political inner circle, hence no chance.
You are not wrong. Last time a South Indian(PV Narsimha Rao) was PM - the northies broke down broke down babri masjid and started rioting and throwing tantrums
Gujarat is not an Hindi speaking state. Deve Gowda, Narsimha Rao became PMs in 1990s
Any candidate who supports left wing or has a soft corner for left wing (aka intolerance gang) will not be a PM of India for many years to come. People of India have finally realised what is good for them.
Which is that Adani should become richer and the actual mass should be stewing in their poverty? Because that has been the recent trend over the past few years.
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After Modiji, it'll be contest between Yogi/Himanta Biswa Sarma against Kejriwal to become PM of India. Post 2023, Kejriwal's AAP might rule more state govt's than Congress. It would become national party and replace congress/bsp. Then the fight would be between BJP vs AAP (maybe TMC alliance).Modiji wouldn't contest in 2029 as he would be 79+ in age.
Agree with you on most points apart from the one where you say Kejruddin will be the PM candidate. You're most probably and educated person who works as a lawyer and therefore consumes one section of the media which falsely portrays to you that AK is a very relevant personality. He's not. 50% of the Indian have either not heard of him or don't see the need to hear about him.
And yet, you do. That too in an attempt to prey on Islamophobia. What a petty excuse of a human you are.
Delhi se hu bhai. The utter misfortune to have our lives affected by that sad case.