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Have firms started with the recruitment for the 24 batch? If yes, any estimate on how many offers have been given by different firms?
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Why do you wanna go around spilling insider information on a public platform? We were explicitly told to not disclose the number of offers. Shame on you!
Its too late to count PPO's for the '24 batch, we have took at the 2026 batch and analyse those PPO's first.
Their own? Even after paying such humongous fees, they can't even afford to hire a cleaner?
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NUJS- '24 Batch
2 PPO - Khaitan, Mumbai
1- Vacation Scheme, HSF
Can you explain the process and how did you impress them?
11 PPOs till now and one VAC/TC (not exactly sure about that).
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Hi, does anyone know the current salary S&R is offering to A0s?

Further, does one need to do a callback for a PPO?How is the placement ratio in Delhi vs Mumbai office?
They don't want to reveal the real figures now. That will make it difficult to submit false data to NIRF later in the year.
Total 6

2 - Saraf & Partners

2 - Khaitan & Co

1 - Trilegal

1 - CAM
This is so poor of nliu, nluo has same number, however, nluo does not get same internships as nliu
7 PPOs being offered to students of Bennett University students.
Gnlu Updated Count : 16 PPO's excluding a Training Contract.
Hnlu giving competition to Nliu? Who would have guessed xD