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For fellow judicial Officers across India to talk anonymously about work and life.

I am from. Maharashtra. Hello from my side.

Corporate lawyers and students, please refrain from commenting here.

Maybe you can start, my lord? As an aspirant, i'd like to know about your work and personal life.
Work life is decent 😊 I don't have to sit infinite hours. I take rest, go for a long 8 kilometers walk everyday. Talk to friends and family.

Life not good because I am staying away from my home (Mumbai) in a rural place. Rural places have a lot of bad things. Even your kids won't have good schools to attend.

Most advocates are incompetent to even pass matriculation. That you will understand.

Salary - better than any trial Court lawyer - above 1 lakhs now and some benefits too, but nowhere near corporate guys. This will increase over the years.

You will not have pension as nps is applicable for judicial Officers.
Really ? Visit a trial court for a week and then understand the situation yourself. There are a plethora of the reasons for the delay. While the government is the biggest culprit, the advocates add to the misery of the litigations. Not to mention their lobby and ever apparent collusion to ruin the life of litigants.

On the administrative side, please understand the governments barely invest in the infrastructure. If there is no typist in the court, the entire court comes to a halt for the day ! The civil bench clerk goes on leave, the civil matters get adjourned. The situation is different for criminal matters. In fact, for the criminal matters, things come to a stand still for many reasons. The court PC is absent and PPs are reluctant to take up cases. If the PP is absent, there is none to help the witness and brief him about the dates mentioned in the chargesheet.

If the staff is present, the advocates take up numerous adjournments saying the documents are ready but not signed by the parties. If you impose costs or dismiss matters , be ready to submerged under complaints.

I remember visiting a trial court and the advocate seeking time in a 2015 money recovery suit. Can you guess the amount involved ? 1 lakh.

I can go on but let the government and advocates show some empathy. The things would then change forever.
Please do go on (time permitting obviously). This is exactly the kind of comment we need here as it brings a richness to our understanding of the systemic problems of which many of us are absolutely unaware. Anyhow, thanks for even this short blurb.
I can write but the agony of the litigants is best understood when you visit the trial courts. The nonchalance of the advocates and the government is marked and loathsome. Those with muscle and financial power manage to strike a settlement out of the court. It is the financially backward who get sandwiched between the judiciary (which has no machinery to complete a suit in five years) and the advocates who do their best to protract the proceedings by misleading the court with a number of petitions and utterly misleading pleadings.

The police too render no support in prosecution. The PPs are absent and no criminal matter is heard during the day. I remember visiting a district court once and the pitiable judge had to find excuses to adjourn matters as there was neither a typist nor a stenographer to take evidence. There were about fifty people present in the court and the matters could barely move further. He spent the half the time doing the call work. This is a concept you would understand only if you visit a trial court.

You need to see the kind of support staff the judges get. Courts which require a strength of 20 people atleast work with a strength of ten people and the advocates and the government have to take the maximum blame. I remember the judge asking the advocate to commence trial and the advocate refusing to do since it is 2021 matter and there are other matters pending. You put your foot down and insist on the commencement of trial, be prepared to face malicious attacks from the bar and a barrage of anonymous complaints.

If I get time over the weekend, I can explain the problems faced in criminal and civil matters in detail. Of course, criminal would encompass NI Act cases and domestic violence cases, cases under the EC Act, POCSO Act, SC and ST Act, NDPS Act and many such uncountable legislations.
Lol. You are so foolish. Me posting on legal India will not increase case pendency in my court. I work harder than most of my fellow colleagues. πŸ˜‚

Seems like you are a wealthy nlu macbook corporate lawyer who doesn't know how Judiciary in India works. Atleast hiring should increase 200% if lower courts be able to finish atleast a quarter of cases.

And advocates must be capable atleast as a 5th standard student. I have to read the submissions twice because most are erroneous.
Again, you say "nlu macbook corporate lawyer" as if you are in the most noble job ever and the rest of us are useless. I practice in trial courts. I use a macbook. My submissions do not have to be corrected by a judge. So clearly I am better than most non-nlu people who appear before you, no?

Please get off your high horse the next time you comment here. Otherwise you're not inviting healthy discussion, you're just inciting flamewars over the internet.
Nlu macbook wealthy kids are an expression meant to address the whole elite crowd. Not you personally.
Obviously. And I just pointed out why that generalisation is flawed. Like all generalisations (which is why it's an informal logical fallacy - probably not taught at non-NLUs though).

Jk, I'm from non-nlu.

My Lord/Lady, please understand when a Junior from a typical commercial Law Firm is not prepared with the matter because of too much overwork from seniors and be lenient in granting adjournment.
I am in rural. You should talk to Officers in Mumbai or pune for this.

Also, sir the quality of advocates is very bad. They quote the wrong content. And adjournment I don't actually care.

But the problem is - in lower courts we are giving too much adjournments. Try not to ask for adjournments.

Even if you ask for adjournment read the case once and come. I beg you.

Because you are the people who lose. Not us.
Quality of Advocates in Mumbai and Pune is very high. Also most of the lawyers are prepared with the matter and ready to argue. They make detailed List of Dates and notes and submit written arguments. Mumbai is a place of professionalism My Lord.
Wow even judicial officers talk β€œnlu” β€œnon-nlu” lingo?! Who tf cares
Nobody cares. Actually.

I have seen some wealthy macbook NLU kids, and I am a regular reader of this blog. Therefore know.
"Nobody cares, but I do maintain that distinction, but yes nobody cares"

10/10 logic