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Vice chancellor of TNNLU Prof VS Elizabeth has made life a hell for us. She is not listening anyone and taking all sorts of arbitrary actions on campus.

I am a first year student at TNNLU, Trichy. Life is hell for us. College feels like a school. It's extremely strict can't even explain what we are facing in a single post. She is moral policing and yelling at us. I am mentally down. Most others are.

Apparently she is doing this because of some critical news article about her on Bar and Bench given by students.

My advice to anyone looking to join TNNLU - please don't. Even school feels like college compared to this. I am thinking of writing clat next year.
You should do that regardless of the VC. TNNLU doesn't really have the best of prospects for the students at present.
Don't just think, definitely give clat.
There's nothing worse than graduating from a tier 3 law college.
As an alum, it is very saddening to witness the events traversing at the University. The alumni association is toothless and does not have any impact/ say on the events. As Prof Elizabeth is set to leave this December, let us be hopeful that the scenario will change and the system will become better with a new administration taking over early next year.
As an alum, grow a spine and do something. Same request to senior batches on campus.
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Ah, Lizzie. So predictable. She has insulted parents of students, been mean generally, negative conviviality.
She has always had such a reputation. Ask anyone at NLSIU. She is ill-suited to be a teacher and especially ill-suited to be an administrator.
There are protests happening right now at NLU Jabalpur and NLU Sonipat. What stops you guys from protesting?
VCā€™s term will end before you even do your CLAT registration.
I totally agree with you. Honestly speaking at this point it feels like we are all stuck in a Christian missionary convent school instead of a law University where you're supposed to be treated as adults. The fact that we don't have the basic freedom to even move out of the campus for essential commodities due to a "pandemic" is just mind blowing. It feels like Bigg Boss prison in here, and the administration is so pathetic that they can't look into any issues faced by students, ranging from academics to the quality of life in the hostel. My humble request would be to never join this college even if your life depends on it
I am a fellow first year student and I completely agree.
They have practically locked us up in the college for no good reason.The VC keeps citing covid for every single restrictions and keeps forcing us to take rtpcr tests that we have to pay exorbitant amount for.
It's been just about 3 weeks here and it's a living hellhole
- We were forced to 'quarantine' for one week just as we arrived. The 'quarantine' consisted of using common washrooms and mess but the VC only found problem in students signing the attendence sheet without a mask.
- We had online classes for the duration of our 'quarantine' which we were expected to attend with the shitty wifi here
- We were forced to do 2 rtpcr tests within 72 hours of each other. We paid rs650 and rs600 for them and never got the test results. We later found out that the test actually just costed Rs400
- We have orientation going on for 3 weeks now. Everyday from 3-5 we have some orientation or another. They expect us to complete our projects and study while attending this useless orientation which has 'mandatory' attendance
- the library was supposed to be open till 12 to help us finish our projects but for some reason it closes at 5:45. We have 2 group projects we are supposed to submit the synopsis for in 2 weeks and we can't even use the resources that we are entitled to
- We have mandatory PE classes from 6:30-7:30am everyday. Our classes start at 8:30 ,so we are expected to shower,have breakfast and reach the classes in one hour. Not to mention that fact that the showers are crowded and dirty
- after the classes and orientation we are expected to attend some random conference, panel discussion and what not.we don't even know what's going on half the time. Everything ends at around 6 and we have assignments and projects to finish and submit in 2 weeks as mentioned before
- apart from these, we are not even allowed to go home for 1 and half months and this for the first years. We are expected to just be fine with all this and not even go home for a day or have visitors. Even if we were to leave for emergency situations,we will lose a week and half attendance because of the quarantine rules
Everyone is united in their criticism of the VC, yet many downvotes to the comments. Does Lizzie visit LI?
What she tool Bar & Bench:

"I am tired of responding to students who are barely 20 years old advising me as to how to run the university and what decisions to take... I am a leader and not a follower, never in my life have I followed anyone other than Jesus. I create the trail and not follow the one someone else has trod. By God's grace I have not gone wrong in nearly 40 years of service and I know that I am not wrong in this either..."

What kind of a response is this?
I am a fellow second year in TNNLU. Sad part is that students are having a slave mentality, in any other universities - VC Elizabeth's actions would lead to protests and hunger strikes. In TNNLU, students are just to happy to be live in such conditions. Students see VC like some queen godesss mother and obey everything.
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Ah, Lizzie on full show. Is anyone surprised? It was truly the death-knell for Tunnels when she got the VC gig. WHy would you guys even join - minimum due diligence should have been exercised.
Moderator, please fix the voting. Very clearly the VC/admin is voting down the good comments.
You kids should speak to old timers at NLSIU to hear some horror stories about her.
I am a fellow second year here. What's more sad is - our alumni and seniors are spineless folks with a slave mentality. They would never speak up even if they also face the same absurdities. They are even scared to write emails, forget protests.
I am senior in TNNLU and we as a batch are yet to finish our quarantine period and please note that we are spineless as you say. To plainly say you are just immature folks who just whine about everything. We know the decorum and the knowhow of how to address our concerns. Just posting trash online is not the way to address any issue that you face in the campus and in case you don't know how to address your concerns, do contact the seniors who would help you in addressing your concerns.
Do note that the RT-PCR fee was reduced under the request of the seniors (4th years) and the 5th years are yet to come out of quarantine.
Hi, as a fellow student, and senior, I understand as to where you're coming from, but this is not an appropriate way to address the issues. Do understand that posting an article like this does us more harm than the Vice Chancellor, considering the fact that you're attacking the Vice Chancellor's office and position, as opposed to the person behind the Vice Chancellor's office. Protesting, again, does us more harm than good. It doesn't help us considering that the Vice Chancellor would not address this and it would only anger her even more. What would however help is speaking to your seniors about the same, and finding a way to co-ordinate with the administration in a respectful manner. While I understand that the administration has not been very courteous with us about all the issues we have been facing, I do believe that it's also important for us to appreciate the fact that the administration has been good to us as well, in various issues such as placements, various academic programmes and the fees being paid in installments. However, I feel that the administration ought to understand that just because something is good does not mean that it cannot be better. The comment made by @TNNLU Women's Hostel is valid, all those issues are happening here and they are of concern. At the same time, one also notes all that the administration has done for us. So at this point, both the good and the bad need to be taken into consideration and both parties need to work together in order to function in harmony.
Also, in reply to those who believe that TNNLU is a third tier university or whatsoever, please do your research. TNNLU was my third choice, and overall, with regard to the academic rigour, I am very pleased and satisfied. Friends of mine that are in "higher up" NLUs tell me about how TNNLU's academic rigour is a lot harder than theirs and how it actually makes you much better at research and work harder than our fellow NLUs friends at higher ranked universities. Going by the ranking is not useful for anyone, especially considering that the ranking system is more based on the number of years the university is functioning than other key factors that are a lot more important, such as student body, faculty, library, placements, progressive sex ratio, a green campus and multiple other factors in which TNNLU excels.
@TNNLUStudent: The current way of 'ranking' NLUs is based on placement statistics. So the only reason "NUJS" is "better than" TNNLU is because it is better placements. It shows how shallow/superficial our thinking is. No one talks about course curriculum, academic rigor, practical relevance, or research impact. Thank you for highlighting this. That is certainly not the only reason. Had the academic rigour been that different, then it would have produced better students who would have got more internships and consequently, at least comparable jobs if not better ones. Similarly, comparable other grad outcomes, like winning competitions, research output, scholarships etc. Why not check the TNNLU students and faculty performance in all these grounds against other NLUs, including NUJS? Placement is talked about because for the majority of law students paying a huge sum for their education, it is still essential, and it has objectively measurable output. That does not reflect shallowness.
This honestly feels like a slightly different version of Sudhir's autocratic regime at NLSIU. The only difference being that Sudhir brings a lot of good things to the table too, which Lizzie does not. She is very intolerant of her peer's opinion too.
Apparently she is doing this because of some critical news article about her on Bar and Bench given by students.
Not just B&B, I have a strong suspicion that Lizzie is reading threads about her on LI and voting on the comments. Lizzie, if you are reading this, please learn to be sensitive to student concerns!
Where is she headed to after TNNLU? Christ maybe, since she mentions her devotion for Jesus and since Christ is known for treating college students like kids in nursery school?
We don't want her here things are finally better here (sort of)
Any discussion about the problems faced at a National Law University (especially the newer ones) automatically brings within its fold an unnecessary attack on the institution itself, more about being a third class University etc etc.
To those persons commenting about how TNNLU is a third or fifth grade University, how many of yall know about the curriculum established at the University? The evaluation pattern and the curriculum is much better than most of the newer nlu's, in fact even better than nuals, which is one of the established ones among the newer nlu's. tnnlu grads have been doing well in all spheres after graduation, i.e corp law, disputes, Policy research, judicial services and even state civil services!
So let's not blindly attack the credibility of the institution with just half baked assumptions which don't do good for anyone!

And regarding one of the comments of how the alums are spinless slaves?
Lol, none of the alums have been informed through official or unofficial ways. What do you guys expect us to do? Clean up for your lack of effective communication?
Asks not to trash TNNLU.
Inadvertently trashes NUALS.

These kids I tell you.
Students need to cooperate with VC. She is visionary and positive.
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This is a pattern being repeated across mid and lower Tier NLU's. What can we learn from this?
Yes, she does micro management of things and overall her administration is absolutely ineffective and tyrannical.

She made us all do a fake unscientific quarantine where we actually used the same mess and washrooms.

All of us are locked up in here for the entire semester. And 'with permission we'll be allowed outside.' And when we comeback we gotta 'quarantine' again. When in fact, the staff, the mess workers leave and come back to campus everyday and they aren't required to t at every single day????? There are school buses of children of staff coming and going every single day.

There is a stupid mask rule that we should wear masks in the class even though all of us are vaccinated and have tested negative and the teacher and workers themselves don't follow it.

For no reason she implemented rigid timings to the library and as was trading footfall for timings. And because of this, the footfall did increase but library became fish market, unlike earlier where only those who needed it visited it and it used to have the buzz during mid sems, end sems and competitions. And she isn't even allowing AC there APPARENTLY, I'M NOT SURE.

The meal timings are rigid and just NOT EVEN ONE HOUR. It's 12:50 to 1:45. Feels worse than a jail. Earlier breakfast used to be a flexible 7:30 to 10:30; lunch - 12:30 to 3:30 and Dinner - 7:30 to 10:30. There is scarcity of food too and it remains unaddressed. We were APPARENTLY told to put up (cope) until the end of the year till the mess contract changes.

This is breaking me and I seriously can't with so much meaningless excessive vengeful insincere hypocritical control over me.

All we asked was our right to be in this 'residential campus'. And no other 'residential campus' is torturing their students like this. Don't wanna be the only one speaking up tho. She is doing it all only because we wanted to be on campus. WE DO WANT TO BE ON CAMPUS. BUT NOT IN A JAIL LIKE THIS. WE WANT OUT OLD CAMPUS LIFE BACK.

And if we tell her anything at all, she will ask us to go for 'local remedies' when in fact she too shows she is the one running the puppet show with every single instruction to staff and warden and everyone coming from her.

Also, she has always always replied in a rude tone, in spite of us being extremely polite. She accused us of being hostile and sarcastic and disrespectful when we weren't.
A protest is the only way forward. TNNLU is probably the only NLU where there has not been any student protest.
Ah Lizzie !
Glad to see you continue to be a study in delightful dichotomies :
A Jesus following Marxist
A Slut Shaming Feminist
A Playing Favourite Meritocrat
the more we change, the more we remain the same
Lizzie was a bully at NLSIU too, but had to stay within certain limits because the students would protest. Many years ago there was an incident where she made a remark about a girl wearing shorts and there was a big backlash (you can Google for this, either LI or Bar & Bench mentioned this in an article during the Nagaraj shorts controversy).

So the bottom-line is that a teacher/admin is only as hostile as the students allow him/her to be. If you behave like a doormat, people will walk over you. TNNLU students need to grow a pair and do what students in other NLUs have done when pushed to a corner.
Um,I am about join this college.The comments appear rather taunting.How brutal is studying in TNNLS? Is it really worth it?
But other than the VC how is the environment in the college??Is it too distracting?Or is it exuberant and a place where I can develop my knowledge??
Nothing extraordinary. If you have got other affordable options nearer your homestate, then you may go for those. Better than most TLCs though, but Jindal, Symbi, KIIT will be ahead at this stage.
I live in chennai and I think this is the best possible option near me..I am not looking for a full fledged career in law. So the placements and internships don't matter to me. However, I don't want to risk studying in a dead end college with no scope either. I wanna know how good the college is in other aspects like research and teaching quality etc. since my only intention to pursue a law degree is to gain expertise in the field and not become a lawyer as I have interest in finance