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Maybe students should start wearing masks and observing protocols for a change. Almost none of them does so, whether inside or outside classrooms.
It's the same every where, even in our college a majority of people are down with fever but no one cares to be tested or follow covid appropriate behavior and neither is the admin keen to follow up. The situation might just get out of hand. SCARY!!
Agreed. There are people showing symptoms of monkey pox/chicken pox too. There is no isolation facility available in NLUJ and the infected student is still living in the hostel. We are on the verge of a major outbreak and no one cares.
Atleast 35 people have fever. 2 are rumoured to be in hospital. Students are requesting for online classes. Strong resistance by ganjedis and couples.
I can verify the thing about 2 people being in hospital. They had 102-103 kinda fever. Also the number of symptomatic cases will be far exceeding 35. Every person I meet has some kind of symptoms.
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100% fault of the students.

- Not wearing masks
- Not washing hands
- Not practising distancing
- Sharing cigarettes and joints

What do you expect?
Happening across colleges because of irresponsible students. Each student who violates Covid protocol must be fined Rs.5000. Only then will they learn. We have seen some really selfish comments on LI that Covid does not kill young people so big deal. These idiots forget that there are older faculty and staff members with comorbidities who are at risk. Also, there have been deaths of young people at Jindal and NLUJ. Some young people may also have comorbidities.
Sorry to sound harsh, but zero sympathy for those who violated Covid protocol. You did not listen despite repeated requests.
I blame the couples. They are the ones who wanted college to reopen because they didn’t want to be away from their boyfriend or girlfriend. Then once college opens they recklessly engage in body and mouth contact. Fine, go ahead and kiss but at least wear a mask after that in class so that you do not infect the rest of us!
Forget Covid, monkey pox will be next. Bad hygiene, dirty toilets and horny couples = recipe for disaster. Chances of droplet infection too, since nobody is wearing masks.
Moderator ruk jaao yrr nhi band karwana hai campus wapas saab changa si
It’s not covid, it’s an infection. Regardless, our beloved seniors just seem to care about themselves and their olt season, so all sensitivity for others goes to the garbage bin that is their brains.
@R: Please moderate the headline. There is no proof of it being COVID, since almost nobody has got themselves tested. Pending that, this is rumour mongering and misrepresentation.
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