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Hi, I'm just trying to understand the scope of work of BnF teams and distinguishing it from Gen Corp/Insolvency teams and internal legal teams of banks.
Who are the clients, are they banks/NBFCs, or are they businesses/companies dealing with banks/NBFCs?
What is the scope of work, exactly? AFAIK, Gen Corp teams handle the entire gamut of transactional work, including debt. Or is that perhaps only for institutional borrowings and if a company is borrowing from a bank, it's the domain of the BnF team?
Beyond that, I know there are a lot of banking laws about asset classification, asset quality, capital structure etc. So is that what BnF teams do, ensuring compliances, and in case of a dispute with the regulator, represent them in court?
Also, lending, default and insolvency are closely linked right. So does recovery (under RDDBFI, schemes, CIRP etc) fall to the BnF team or the Insolvency team?

Thanks in advance!
Like all the high flying BnF lawyers in India (read LV, Santosh, Abeer Dey, Kumar Saurabh Singh, etc), the BnF practice generally revolves around being a โ€œDalalโ€ for borrowers and lenders (only leading PRIVATE banks who pay top dollar - coz if you canโ€™t pay cam, be 100% sure that they will recover your outstanding fee deficit from the counter-party by auctioning off your interests to the highest bidder).

Whether itโ€™s an IBC Takeover, refinancing of existing borrowings, green-field financing or debt restructuring, the BnF practice consistently shoulders the task of โ€œgetting the deal through at any and all costโ€.

While all transactional lawyers should aim for โ€œsuccessfullyโ€ closing transactions they are mandated on, the BnF teams (specially at SCAM and Kco+AZB) have focused more on โ€œany and all costโ€ in place of fulfilling their professional obligations to their clients.

Hence, the likes of LV, Santosh, Abeer Dey, Kumar Saurabh Singh, Abhimanyu Bhatta, Arijit basus (azb) have successfully reduced one of the oldest practice areas, i.e. BnF to a โ€œDalalsโ€ practice with very nice brokers under training.


The Truth
So which firms are those who are not like the firms you mentioned ?

Just to add- this messages pre supposes that thr clients are fools and they don't know what's happening. In case of any malpractice- they still go to the SCAM/kco/azb and the likes ? Asking myself why
Surprising to see the above - More so given the 3Cs that mr. Shroff keeps ranting on about.

Also surprised to see that the CAM PR machinery and the BnF COO have let the truth slip out of the closet!

is that why the PNB-Nirav Modi thing happened?
While lawyers claim moral superiority by saying crappy lines "it's our job to represent clients whether we believe they're guilty or not" - the truth remains that lawyers like CSS and LV represent clients knowing fully well what is going on. There is no way you represented Nirav Modi and didn't know what was going on.

As comment 3 rightly pointed out, most of these high flying lawyers have are just well-played "dalals". While it's all just different ways of making money, it's high time these people pretending to be some "thought leaders". CSS really needs to stop writing those 6th grade town hall essays on his birthday where he tries so so so hard to seem intelligent.