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FOLKS WHATS THE DEAL WITH DSK and internships with them? has anybody come else come across non-working internships where NO work has been allocated at? ANY tips? is the Delhi internship HRs email. Try this one.

I also have her mobile number from which she called me to offer me a position, but I'm not sure if posting it publicly is the right choice.

PM if you need it, though.
How to PM you please ? I am the guest who asked her number above. I just registered with username "sadsong"
Hi , I am in urgent need of her contact . Seeking a position please help.
NLS waalo ko bhi mail karna hota hai? I thought placement cell takes care of everything!
i thought law firms unko kud phone karke position lene ke liye firm mai bheek mangte hain. never heard they apply on their own. what world are u living in.
Have you tried reaching out to HR and telling them? They will relocate you to another team.
All internships are online, there is a dearth of space and the firm is will expand into another office soon. There are about 40 interns each month and most teams also have a trainee. For this reason, every internship at the moment is Online for the past few months and probably for the next few months too. Talking about Delhi here. Training an intern and giving them tasks in itself is a taxing exercise, most of the time you have to redo the work. Especially when they are not in front of you it ends up being more productive to do stuff yourself.
Do they give a good amount of work in online internship as well? (Delhi office)
Bekaar hai online. Mat hee jaana. Isse acha diwali ki safai kar lo.