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Got NUSRL in the first merit list may upgrade to CNLU at best. Should i stay here it or write the test for GLC? Will that be an upgradation? Will GLC be equally relevent in 2027?
glc will forever be relevant,how tier 1 nlus have brand advantage,the same glc has.from you first year itself you can start internships,seniors,teachers/professors are very helpful for providing internships,u can easily start after college.

glc was and will forever be in demand
But I've heard there's no - very low standard of academics there. Doesn't it play a big role in the field of law? Is practical experience that big a factor that we can ignore this thing?
I've recently graduated 12th and have no idea how things work irl please help me out
I agree that the academic front is terrible, save a few professors. But the flexible lectures are what give people advantage. Students get to intern way more than NLU folks and it's called "Learn on the job" and that's a good approach. Infrastructure and academics lags behind but the opportunities are endless considering the "prestige" and proximity of location.
syllabus of law is same in every law school,what matters especially in field of law is internships.
if u r from any mumbai college u have the great advantage of doing internships after law college [from almost 11am till evening or late nights ]
and mostly all law firms who are in mumbai irrespective of tiers,they prefer a long term intern irrespective of law school.
Academic front cannot be the sole factor in choosing a law school. Sure, GLC might be poor in academics, but at the same time are you certain that academics would be good in tier 3 NLUs? It would be not.

What I want to say is that don't focus your decision only based on academic qualification of an institution. GLC being in Mumbai will present you great opportunitites to explore, not just in internships, but also will give you opportunities to explore different career options, interesting people - networks and many more things.

Surely you'd miss out on the university culture and that bonding with your university, but that's a fair trade off over independence to explore. You should also introspect a bit if you are a people person or an individual on your own, this might as well help you make conscious choice.

There's not much you'd be missing out in lower NLUs.

In short, choosing GLC will definitely help you grow as a lawyer - because of locational advantage and alumni network, but if you are hellbent on getting some university/residential college life then maybe.. MAYBE go for lower NLUs.
Personally, I'd choose GLC.
Attendance relaxations are becoming difficult with the new principal, avoid GLC, go for ILS or NLUs, the NLU tag always ends up helping
No, the principle wants attendance, but everything can be managed if you are diplomatic enough with the professors and you have a good set of friends.
My advice to everyone is to use this as your preference:

4. Jindal
5. GLC
6. All others

In other words, place GLC below all law schools except the Big 3 NLUs and Jindal . At GLC, do internships across 5 years and get a job. In future, you can consider an LLM abroad as the price of your fees at GLC will be dirt cheap. Also make friends with nepo kids at GLC, who may help you in future :)
My advice to you is to stop giving such useless and downright harmful advice to others. Please get yourself some karmic points by doing so.
Could you please explain why you've placed Jindal at no 4? I'm asking because my daughter wants to go to Jindal for law.
Didn't you say the same thing last year? How old is your daughter exactly? And how come you only ask this question to comments that praise Jindal and not those that criticise it? I still say you are part of the Jindal PR team.
If it was a genuine query from a parent, I feel bad for the poor guy lmao XD
ILS is a great college to learn and develop yourself at. It has many drawbacks but if you are a hardworking student (which you need to be at any college), you will definitely secure a top job.
Such a waste of talent. He chose NLU over GLC. In this town, a mistake nearly everyone makes. NLU is the McMansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart after 10 years. GLC is the old stone building that stands for centuries. I cannot respect someone who doesn't see the difference.
Making it as easy as possible

Accdemically: Horrible

Practically: Amazing, might even beat tier one NLUs.

So if you are someone who needs academic pressure to excle and study or wish to do an LLM or go abroad, GLC might not be the best option. Extremly hard to get marks due to shitty syllabus and MU checking.

For placements: It is unbeatable. The sheer freedom to crave your own career path and not rely on the placement cell is unbeatable. Many intern from the first year and land tier one jobs in their 4th year itself. The placement cell in itself is amazing, regular tier one internships, annual placement drive has all tier one firms.

Conclusion: It really is an independent college. Your success or downfall is completely in your hands. Hence it can either be extremly good, or downright useless.
Being an GLC-ian I've meet seen and observed more associates from Glc than tier one nlu-s. However this might only be Mumbai specific as I don't have experience elsewhere. Might be true might be false.
CNLU alum here. If you want to come to CNLU for academics, then please DON'T! A ton of my batchmates made the same mistake, giving up ILS/GLC for the so-called NLU Tag. Idk why CNLU is still classified a tier 2 NLU ahead of NUSRL, TNNLS and the likes, but the scene for corporate placements at CNLU is zilch. Only ICICI Bank offers a half decent pay package, and there is usually a solo offer from a tier 1 every couple of years or so (case in point, you can look up the stats here at and ▮▮▮. No kid from my batch ever made it to T1 firm, atleast till now. It's not as if there's a dearth of talent at CNLU, but the 50% domicile reservation + the extraordinary zeal for govt. job in Bihar (Judiciary, which granted a ton of alums end up clearing, but not by choice, but because they didn't get placed) hinders CNLU from making any significant strides in the placements arena. Please make an informed decision, and don't jump at the sight of an NLU tag. A grad from IIT Tirupati/Palakkad is not an IITian in the sense you'd call someone an IITian from old IITs viz Bom, Del, KGP, etc., right? The same applies to law schools. Please don't choose any NLU below HNLU over GLC. If you'd like to know more about what a ▮▮▮ CNLU is, just ask their recent grads. I know extremely bright kids from my junior batch who have been forced to join w/meagre pay at shit tier firms, or worse forced to prep for judiciary.
GLC and ILS are always superior to at least one dozen low rung NLUs like Ranchi, Patna, Sonipat, Shimla, Trichy, Vizag, Jabalpur etc etc. These two colleges will remain prestigious always like CLC Delhi or PU Chandigarh or BHU.

If you get a seat in either of the two, go ahead and don't get tempted by NLU tag which is anyway useless unless it is top 5-6 older institutes.