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I was working with a mid tier litigation firm in Bangalore for the past 1 year and would like to continue in litigation in Bangalore. The pay was average (25k). Since I require more financial stability, I am exploring other options.

From a lot of conversations on LI I have gathered that litigation offers minimum pay. However, most of these conversations discuss only
chamber practice and the situation if one goes independent. What about working in law firms? I want to get some clarity on career prospects if someone wants to work with litigation/ Disputes Team (please see question 1) of law firms.

Can someone please answer the following questions?

1. Most tier 1 and tier 2 firms have 'Disputes Teams'. Is it true that Disputes
Teams only brief seniors and have no real experience in the courts? Do they allow associates to take up cases which might not be so important? Do they practice in lower courts?

2. What are the growth prospects for litigation in Bangalore? Are there a considerable number of tier 1 and tier 2 firms with litigation teams? If yes, please name them.

3. Is litigation experience from a mid tier firm considered valuable for similar positions in tier 1 and tier 2 firms or do they look for only with people who have previously worked in other tier 1 and 2 firms?

4. I am specifically looking to join a firm because I require financial stability. Also, I understand that there might rarely be any work life balance in the initial 7-8 years. Would it make sense to work in a mid tier firm and shift to better firms in Bangalore over the years, with the expectation of better pay and some work life balance at least after 7-8 years of practice ?

Thanks !
Nope. Not a good idea. If you are going to grind for 12 hours a day, go with transactional teams. At least you'll get paid more fairly. I don't even get 90k to take home.
1. Not entirely true - depends on the team. Quite a few T1 and high paying boutique teams do work in lower courts and partners/PAs often argue those matters. The experience in courts is real either way. On the do they allow associates to take up bit - not sure what this means. If you’re talking about bringing small matters to the firm - again that would depend on the team - some boutiques would be okay, some T1s definitely not.
2. Can’t say about Bangalore
3. Yes it is. However, some Tier 1 firms will cut experience for someone coming from non t1/t2 firms. This would depend on the hiring partner and team, but generally they would cut a few years of experience especially if someone is coming from chamber practice.
4. Money in disputes teams is now the same as Corp teams, so if you’re looking for financial stability then join a T1. You can forget about work life balance. But if you’re okay settling for lesser money then go for a mid size firm. That depends on the trade off you want to make.
Bhai konsa chamber mein bhi work life balance hay, raat 3-4 baje tak baithke urgent matters pe kaam karna padh jaata hay kabhi kabhi and pay is abysmal. Clients ke liye pehchan hona chahiye, if you moved to a metro city, kon jaanta hay bhai tumko. The work is satisfying but aur kuch ni