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I am a graduate from 2018 batch and I recently wrote mains of DJS, going by the quality of the question paper, I do not have high hopes. Most probably I will not make it.

Naturally, I got in touch with a few recruiters (since corporate work is what I want to do) and I was turned down magnificently by all of them. Some of them using words that pinched. But I understand why so.

I have applied to all the law firms under the sun, from the amarchands to smaller firms and no one has written back yet.

Is there any hope for me to make it in a corporate law firm? I cant even expect high salary, I am willing to work for less. Is this stigma of "gap years" there to stay?

Can anyone suggest strategies? I have made bad choices after bad choices and I would really, really appreciate if someone can help me out here.
You should consider practicing and putting not only your knowledge to good use and possibly give the higher judicial service exam. Don't lose hope!
Please dont waste your mental health on applying to firms. Start your career at the Bar under the guidance of a good lawyer/firm - preferably in their mid 30s to early 40s. Your preparation for the judicial services will help you in your litigation practice. You can try again next year, and this time, you would have had a feel for how the statutes are actually applied in practice.
I have made bad choices after bad choices and I would really, really appreciate if someone can help me out here.
Museebat te Mardan te paindi rehndi aa,
Dabi na tu, Duniya swaad lendi aa
Get in touch with your friends, seniors and juniors at law firms and ask them to get their partner to interview you - this might be a better strategy than emailing HRs who are likely inundated by many many mails everyday, just like yours
I dont really want to retake the Exam, but I want to do transactions, I don't care how small the org is.

Also, what would social life be like if i join as an A0 in some firm? Will the juniors make fun of me?
You can contact me. My firm needs a good associate for Corporate M&A
I'm not the OP but even I want to apply for the vacancy sir/ma'am, any pseudo email?
Can you please tell me how can I get in touch with you? Just in case, my email is:
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How can I get in touch with you? I tried leaving my email address here but it didnt pass the moderating standards, any other way to get in touch with you?
Bumping this again because I want the poster of this comment to take notice.
Good luck. The two paths are so divergent, it's obvious you need to do some soul searching and act decisively instead of shopping around for opinions.