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Boys think that it makes them look gangsta and attractive to girls. Girls think it makes them stay thin and look attractive to boys. Both are fucking stupid. Smoking will damage your lungs and make you look old and wrinkled-not but after 20 years, gradually and gradually.
They are in their 20s, they are in their rebel/party phase. They will outgrow it, this is how life works and as they grow older they will become more mature. Nothing to worry about I believe.
Tru dat. same thing is happening in my college campus, I don't smoke. Everyone around me finds it cool to smoke. There's this girl in my class I had a crush on, turns out she's a smoker.
RGNUL Students are high 24*7 and walking like zombies in campus. Bhaiyo aur beheno, this is massively going to fuck you up. Abhi it might seem cool and gangsta but it is not and no matter how much you say "its organic/it's a plant", it is not healthy. Aur "Amsterdam mein legal hai" bolne walon, please see the quality of what they smoke.

Being high 24*7 for looking cool socially or because you have anxiety issues WILL NOT HELP. See a therapist, take the prescription meds for god's sake. Spend on the right things.
rgnul ke baare ma itni afwa mat failao. sirf kisi occasion me koi 2-4 log ki zyada ho jaati hai. bas
ugh. or maybe theyre college students who experiment and end up addicted to an addictive substance like everyone else on the earth? smoking doesn't make you macho and it doesn't make you thin either. and most people I knew in law school didn't care about looking macho or thin. get a life dude.
BASED Opinion: Probably because they carry within them a strong innate desire to die earlier than their ordinary life expectancies through development of lung cancer, throat cancer etc. Furthermore, they likely grew up fatherless, or alternately, grew up with abusive and/or neglectful parents; and also desire to portray themselves as 'cool' or 'chad' in front of their peers by smoking as opposed to merely doing it to satiate their own desires.
Girls these days just follow fake trends. They wanna imitate celebs and influencers who smoke/ vape, like Kendall Jenner. Similarly true for boys.
These days the average age of heart attacks and bypass surgery in men has dropped drastically and the poor quality of air in Delhi is adding to this. If you smoke, then even if you quit after college you will still have damaged your heart and will be a prime candidate for a heart attack in your 30s. You will prematurely bald too. It happened to my brother. He lost all his hair in his 30s.
I don't smoke. I have lost my hair in late 20s. Kya lena dena?
Forget cigarettes. Law students are now heavily into coke and we even saw students from a top private law school being arrested for dealing. It's just that they got caught, everyone does it. Some are also into LSD and meth. Because the academic pressure at law schools is so tough students are stressed and taking recourse to all this.
Coke se kya takleef hai Uncil? Haa maana soft drinks are extremely unhealthy but uski addiction thode hoti hai
Girls, if you want to stay thin stop eating at McDonald's and drinking sugary drinks. You don't need to take up smoking!
Boys, if you want to prove your masculinity, try being kind and reliable. No need to take up smoking or pick on women.
True, this culture of promoting smokers and smoking as a social activity and not seen as a taboo is going to kill us all.
Why the title is targeted against NLUs? As far as my experiences go, Private University kids smoke as much, if not more.
Just because they could not clear CLAT, doesn't mean that they cannot smoke.
I agree to the fact that smoking does not make someone look cool or smart. It's just dumb and as an ex-smoker, I see smokers as victims of their weak mind and evil marketing.

And lastly, stop judging others' character based on their habits. Not everyone gets good parenting.
There is this girl in NUJS who puffs every day outside college. She makes a great effort to show everyone that she is smoking and practically waves her cigarette in the air like a flag! 🙈 [...] mindlessly imitating dumb celebs and influencers!
There is this creep in NUJS who stalks all the girls who smoke outside college and stares at the way they hold their cigarette.
LOL, tere pet mein kyun dard hai? Did she whoop your ass at a moot or drink you under the table. Women standing in public are not there for your attention. They are there because they have a right to be standing outside doing their own thing.
Those are interesting observations. However, considering that a lot of the smoking is done furtively, I'd say some of your observations of pretentiousness don't apply. I'd say it's a nice way to pass time as you wait for your juice to come up and a fair stress-reliever.
I just don't understand what goes on in the mind of the moderator while approving such threads.
People like Kylie Jenner glamourise smoking by posing with cigs in photoshoots . I wouldn't be surprised if she is secretly paid by cigarette companies to do so. Girls in Indian colleges who copy her are just succumbing to such advertising.
I want to give a new perspective to this being of first year at an LU and please do look over any spelling mistakes because I am using voice to text so I feel like in first year you are trying to make friends with seniors and trying to you know build up a rapport and make connections but it's just feels like to get into the circle of seniors and make them trust you and stuff you need to go out with them party hang out and smoke cigarettes stop it's it's kind of feels like a right of passage it feels like to make connections with seniors you need to do the stuff with them because that is important to them and that is how they connect with people so I kind of feels like that I have smoked like five or six times after I came to college but I never been addicted it was fine and I haven't done it in a month also and it has help me a lot to get along with seniors to be honest and just feels like that this is something you Gotta do even I feel like in corporate stuff and when you get into a job you need to do stuff like this to get along with people but there is another story to this as well because I see a lot of my classmates doing Weed cigarettes alcohol for the first time in the life just because of peer pressure and wanting to be cool and then they are some less just a mentally stressed who just use it as an escap to feel better
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They don't give a f about how they look or being "cool". I smoke because I want to that's it.

Judging a person just because they smoke? Get a life, bro.
Yes, I see no reason why a person should not be judged if they want to destroy their own health and that of the people around them. I am not taking away your right to smoke. You cannot take away my right to judge you for it.
Please don't post ridiculous accusations calling people as misogynist or incel. It is a fact that girls worldwide are smoking to copy TikTok/Insta influencers like Nessa, Kendall, Bella etc. It is their wish and no one is trying to do any policing on moral or health grounds, but fact is a fact. .... Just read the news. Tobacco and e-cig companies are paying million dollars to influencers to promote smoking and vaping. NLU girls are dummies in a larger corporate game.
I didn't know women started smoking only after Tik Tok. And who are men imitating now? Babies don't know the Marlboro man or even the smoking Bonds. Oh wait, did men stop smoking? Or do they just do it more originally somehow?
TikTokers are to Gen Z what the Marlboro Man was to boomers. Same principle. Corporate brainwashing making everyone slaves of Big Tobacco. It works among the lower classes too, who chew pan masala and gutkha promoted by Salman Khan & Co.