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Honestly, this is depressing rather than inspiring. We see NLU graduates with brilliant academic records failing to make the IAS but somebody with such a poor academic record makes it. It means that the UPSC exam is not testing the right skills. Rather, it is just an exam where you can mug up a few things and ace it.
People give class 10 exam at age of 13, but start attempting UPSC at age of 23. If you haven't grown as a person significantly in 10 years, please reconsider your life choices.
Class 10 at 13?
12 at 15?
BALLB at 20?

You're off by atleast 3 years.
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Are you an idiot or what? People change. Most of the students don't take class 10 seriously but as they grow up they understand the value of hardwork. If mugging up is so easy, why don't you do it? As lawyers most of our law school life we mug up stuff so technically it shouldn't be difficult for us.
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What a laughable conclusion full of logical and empirical shortcomings.

Oh I fear for the future of India if it's being bequeathed to such poor minds.
Having analysed the OP's post and few comments it would seem some idiot people believe UPSC is the ultimate test of someone's intelligence and/or that board exams are a metrics to gauge someone's knowledge. On both counts you are wrong. It is correct though that UPSC is largely a memory game where who can mug up the most facts will win. Class X exams are also not any better. I am sure if Albert Einstein gave UPSC after one year of preparation he will fail. Because it is indeed not a test of rationality or intelligence or analytical skills or decision making. Einstein would have mocked our class X grading system also- "You can't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree."