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What is the life/ a day in the life of a Disputes Lawyer at T1 Law Firm, say A0/ A1 at Mumbai?
What has your experience been like. Saw a similar thread regarding the life of a corporate lawyer which got be thinking about the same pertaining to a Dispute Lawyer.
I am not sure if this is true, but their days are usually more hectic in comparison to the corporate counterparts.
However, only someone actually living such a life will be able to answer this question truthfully.
5AM: Awake. Exercise/Run. Coffee.

6.30-8.00 AM: Drafting/reviewing drafts of pleadings that need to go out to the client during the day.

9-10.30 AM: 2-3 conferences. Prepare for Court. This is crazy hour. Depending on the conferences and requirements of the matter, could be many last minute details and items required for Court.

10.30 AM - 4.30 PM: Court hours. Sometimes very heavy substantive hearings throughout. Sometimes there is an interregnum during which one can head back to office and finish reading, research and drafting.

4.30 PM - 5.00 PM: down time.

5.00 PM - 8 PM: a mix of conferences, debating with our counsels, reading, research, drafting.

8 PM - 9/9.30 PM: further work depending on the exigences of the next day.

Yes it's a demanding life. But the rewards are as none other. Would not trade this for anything.
Isn't it true, however, that a disputes lawyer makes less money than their corporate counterparts?
Correct. For the first 4-5 years this holds true. Once you cross that barrier and prove yourself to the establishment, the pay scales increase rather drastically. I now earn more than my batchmates who are in corporate teams in T1s.
his guy participates in 2-3 conferences in a day but his daily schedule has no mention of when he prepares for these conference. I think he is not the briefing counsel here. He is the one who is being briefed here. Apne interns ko gyaan dena ye sab.
Tsk tsk. Don't hate on others because you consider yourself inadequate good sir. There is plenty of space in this life and profession for all. Live and let live :)
Conferences mai baith k legally india pe gyaan deta rehta h kya? Accha toh you are the one who is used by your seniors for carrying bags to conferences. Now your schedule makes sense.
I doubt anyone will ask you to serve chai also. You are no doubt a washed up failure whose idea of a productive day is to output useless comments on LI. You are the epitome to the juniors in the profession of what not to be.
Sorry but if its this way each day, its just sad. Say what you will about being "rewarding", it's just you convincing yourself. If you're 25-28 and do this, rest assured your social life is doomed - and yes this will matter much more in the long run. Secondly, seems like you'd have to let go of any interests besides work then, say going for a game of squash can only be nostalgia if you lead a life such as this. And of course, spending time with parents just becomes a thing of the past..
Your many assumptions about me are very interesting. I socialise with family and friends as much as I desire - Fri to Sunday usually. My family is all over the country and the world and we meet rather regularly. Either I to them or vice versa. Conjuring mental excuses about how my life might be to assuage the insecurity you no doubt feel is a dead giveaway of your mindset and intent. It is eminently possible to achieve success, work hard, balance work and life and be happy. Sadly, the vast majority of lurkers on this forum are like you - negative, pessimistic, bitter, non-men who have no clue how professional and personal success is required to be achieved.
guess you've given up on seeing people or socialising in general? lol
Can confirm this. Most of the time in litigation unfortunately is wasted in Court waiting for your matter to be called out! In those hours one could probably do some productive work in office.