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There really isn't anything like premium quality. I ordered these from Amazon -
These have been the most sturdiest so far. Definitely better than the ones my clerk was getting for us. Also, they're like lifetime supply now. I don't see myself running out of bands in the near future. Also, I hate those extra long bands. Not like I'll become Nariman just by wearing an extra long band.

As for gown, bought it outside Supreme Court at C.K. Daphtary chambers. I guess the brand is β€˜Neeraj’… been good so far (3 years).
the fact that you had to specify that it is a 'lawyers' gown that you are looking is plausible to decipher that you don't belong here.
I usually wear a billowy black nighty that my grandma used to wear for the gown. I got it altered and stitched, get all favourable orders. Friends call me Bare Justice