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Agniveers will get free housing and food, plus 10 lakhs savings after 4 years. Will I save more by being an Agniveer than a HC lawyer's junior? What about a trial court lawyer's junior?
ye kaisa sawal hai? Tumhe 19 saal k umar mein kaun HC junior bana raha hai? 22 mein toh law school se graduate hoge and agniveer ki age limit hai 21 saal (unless iss saal jaane ki soch rahe ho).
A simple look around your peers will also betray that lawyering as a profession did not attract the brightest minds and neither does it now. One thing we probably are very good at is being snobby and arrogant and that really comes out in your comment.
1 cr + permanent family pension + shaheed kehlaoge + proud parents
Your question betrays a simple mind.
I think you're better off being an 'Agniveer'.
having no job is financially better than being a junior of any advocate in gneenral.
No. But do your BA.LLB after your tour of duty. You will find seniors very easily. Every Advocate has a soft spot for the Armed Forces.
Obviously a 4 year stint as an agniveer will teach a lot about discipline and mind management and self-control. All good habits that make a good and progressive man.

An ex-agniveer will have upto 15-20 lakhs, depending on how much is saved. Most graduates from law school end up with a loan and they can hardly work in litigation.

With a corpus of 15-20 lakhs, they can not only fund their own education but also survive the initial few years of difficulties.

There's nothing to be disliked about agniveer.
Even thou this is a troll question, let me answer this as my father was a Jawan and now working as a Gun man in a private bank, I also studied LLB and is an advocate at district court. I am from a poor middle class family.

The regular Army Jawan is academically as competent as a typical below average law student (not including about NLU or some rich mans private universities)

Officers are a class apart, and are not a part of Agneepath scheme. An average Army officer is more talented than an NLU graduate. He is also rich from wealthy families.

The initial 4 years of being an Agneever is awesome. Training is difficult, but Work and life balance and pay is better.

But after that?

You are in trouble.

At the age of 28 you don't have any skills for regular. Your army work ethic doesn't work in the private sector.

Of course - you would have a financial cushion of 10 L + some savings. But transition into private sector will be difficult.

From a salary of Rs. 40'000, you will have to do security guard or manual job which pays less than 15'000.

Generally Army Jawans retire after 14 to 20 years - they have multiple benefits including a small pension. An average jawan who retired at 40 has a better life than the agniveer who retired at 27.

Below average law student in a seniors chamber?

Initial salary will be 2000 to 3000 Rs per month.

But over 4 years - this can increase upto 30'000 Rs. Over the years - salary stays same or even goes upto 50'000 Rs per month (if they are talented) even ugly idiot lawyers after 5 years make 20000.

An Agniveers life is easy in the initial 4 years. But a below average lawyers life is better in the long run.

I studied in a Government Law College in south. Comparisons are supposed to be illustrative rather than to make a debate over that.
Why aren’t junior advocates setting fire to trains and demanding better pay from senior advocates?
If you’d literally rather be maimed and devastated on the frontlines than pick up a teaching/ policy/ inhouse/ literally any other kind of job, go for it
Save 10 Lakh on education and save 15 lakh being an agniveer.

By the age of 23 you will be 25 lakh better off compared to a law graduate. :)

Usk baad ka fir bhagwan bharose.
Berozgaar baitho dear 😘 ya phir LI pe comment karke TIME UTILIZE Karo dear😘
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The majority of law grads do not get placed in good firms and end up working for a pittance under exploitative lawyers. So is it better to apply to the Agniveer scheme? The payscale is as follows:

- Rs 10 lakhs over 4 years, tax free (pay + govt contribution)
- Plus 10 lakhs on exit (tax free)
- Travel, clothing, food, accommodation paid for

Thus, 20 lakhs in all, most of which will be saved. Let's assume 17 lakhs saving to be conservative.

After 4 years as an Agniveer, an average law grad will be between 26 to 29 years old, depending on when he/she started law school and whether he/she did a 3 or 5 year course. Now, will a person working with a rubbish lawyer/firm have 17 lakhs income saved at the age of 26 to 29?

In terms of career growth, Agniveers will get preference in the private sector and interest-free education loans and scholarshops . So one could apply to the private sector or do an MBA with an interest-free loan or scholarship.

What do y'all think?
Yes it is more rewarding in the short term than being a junior to a lawyer.