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I am a 2022 graduate from a decent NLU. As of now, I haven't received any offers from any of the good firms. I have appeared for CLAT PG and I believe (and hope!) that I will get the business law specialization in NLSIU Bangalore. I wanted to know whether this is worth the risk or not (the risk of having to waste another year!). I have two other options as well. Join a senior and enter the financially handicapped field of litigation OR maybe join a stupid firm that will hardly pay the rent!

I would love to join NLSIU if there is a chance of me getting placed. What are the odds of a tier 1 firm hiring an LLM for NLSIU (or NALSAR)? Please advise. Need assistance asap. Thanks.

Also, CLAT-Takers please share your scores and expectations. Thanks.