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I have recieved ppos from CAM(gen corp) and Induslaw (tmt). Hould I choose CAM solely for its brand value? (I had a good experience in Indus) Please help.
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Which batch? 2022?

Also, which offices of these firms gave you PPOs?
No doubt, go with CAM. Nothing against Indus Law. I've worked across lawyers from Indus Law and they are as professional as a lawyer from any other T1 law firm.

However, for someone who is starting out, unfortunately brand matters. "Amarchand", doesn't matter which one, has international name recognition. It is easier to move internationally or in-house with the Amarchand brand name.

Choose your team well.

All the best!
Frankly the Amarchand brand was legend in India.Until CAM totally bought it down with the CBI raids that discovered thousand of documents in Nirav Modu bank scam,where the CBI filed a case with CAM scrambling to cover up by withdrawing its embarrassing clean chit report to the CEO chanda, by being the first and probably one of the only large Tier1 firms to "defer" fixed salaries, with the ILFS scam etc etc.
If you hate yourself join CAM, if you like yourself a little bit join Indus.
Really depends on which team in Indus TMT they are hiring you for. The team in Mumbai is great & even the Delhi team is decent. If they are putting you in some other city then CAM is always the safer bet.
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Only IndusDelhi is good option for TMT. Blr is crazy hours and Bom is very shitty leadership and bad senior associates who keep ditching the job.
CAM will pay more.
Sitting in Indus you will most likely regret not having been paid more.
so true, if you value life- YOUR OWN< then better to join Indus or any firm other that CAM
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Cam will pay more and take away much much more and take away your life.Better to work for Indus l when the firm will let you live for some part at least peacefully
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