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What is the honest salary at DMD Advocates and Tuli and Co.?
I got offer from both Delhi office. Please help me decide?
Just trying to understand, do the firm's not convey what would be ones remuneration while making an offer?
So annoying and idiotic if that's the case. Do they think they'll put a 'dhappaa' on the joinee and just reveal it later.
How would one negotiate if they don't reveal.
They don't. I'm in the recruitment committee of a Tier-2 NLU. Most firms don't give compensation details even after you've joined. Know several people personally, working at T1 firms, who found out their actual pay only at the end of the first month, when their first salaries were credited.
Usually its firms that are trying to sell themselves to top talent, trying to present themselves as viable alternatives at par with SAMs and CAMs that disclose their salary figures, everyone else keeps it guarded.
DMD is a better option for sure. Pays well and decent deals and work culture. Delhi office is having better work culture than Mumbai.
Your offer didn't provide the terms of compensation? You can insist on being provided it, unless you have those figure and are seeking to compare with others
Money will come and go beta. Join the place where you can learn. Tuli
Tuli & Co pays freshers 65K per month (less 10% TDS) and the vairable component for first year is fixed at one month's salary.

Thus, the total compensation for an year would Rs. 65,000 X 13 = Rs. 8,45,000/-
DMD salary is different for different teams. For corporate- which is the one with maximum pay, pays 85K. Their office is very toxic though and has no public transport available easily.