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I just got placed in CAM and im confused about which office is better in terms of work environment etc. I've heard it depends on the team but since CAM has a rotation policy for the first few months, I will probably be with different teams.. [but I do want to be working with the Disputes team for the first 6 months if that helps] Please do let me know which team is nicer and has a better work environment and work-life balance as well as people..
Hello, Mr. / Ms. disgruntled, CAM par question hai, please come and say whatever bad you can. Don't miss the opportunity. Thanks to your persistent efforts, CAM is doing even better.
Oh the desperation for publicity!!!From many days the pompous PRs of CAM are also missing.Kya hua, PR department has also resigned??
The retainers resigned but now even your haters have deserted you.And CAM is doing better?That's not what the markets are saying.All is not well and all know that.Try the BS elsewhere.
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Pretending that some /one particular person is hating on an innocent CAM isnt going to change the fact that CAM has too many haters and for good reasons.If you operate your firm with the toxic work atmosphere and treat people like slaves firm is bound tp have lots of haters
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CAM is a pompous braggart and horrible firm for someone who wants to learn the law, but excellent for learning toxic workplace politics. It probably deserves all the hate it gets. Although i doubt if management cares for any of this, all they seem to care for is the money.
Do you know how many MR or MS DisgruntledSSSSSSS hating CAM you will find? Thousands.And they are right here on LI venting hate on CAM.No ones waiting for your invitation.But what is interesting is you seem to be seeking a particular CAM hater who you sau has made CAM better.I would be very interested in knowing more about this CAM hater who has the ability to make CAM better.He or she must be something great maybe even divine if they can manage to make CAM more story of a Himalyan Yogi or Yogini?
CAM had given clean chit to Chanda Kochhar.....who knows......Maybe they might end up giving a clean chit to all including the Himalayan Yogi in this NSE scandal
CAM is doing better at what?more toxicity at work?more controversial deals and scams?more attrition?
Both are equally competitive to be called the worst place to work at.Read LI vents by the employees.its a really tough decision for you.
If you're keen on disputes, better off in the Bombay office. Bangalore is a great office to train as a junior lawyer otherwise
Sharan Kukreja in Bangalore is the best senior you can ask for in CAM. Go to Bangalore and train under him and you'll be a fantastic disputes lawyer
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If you want to learn about Disputes and Litigation,there are better law firms.With CAM,it's the Counsels who argue rarely do CAM retainers argue,it looks like the disputes team mainly does the filings and paperworks.Thats not good if you want to pursue independent litigation because you won't learn Court craft then.
As a person who has been in both offices, Mumbai office for disputes. Bangalore disputes team has a very high attrition rate (you can deduce why)

Choose Mumbai for more rotation options too, as there are fewer teams in Bangalore, and very few (1-2 really) good teams to be a part of. But this also depends on where your hometown is and other conveniences you want
TBH, unless you are from the same area as the β€œchackos of cam blore” it’s best to stay away and work in the mumbai office.

After few senior departures in blore last year, the office has seriously become a fiefdom of an incapable lawyer who still can’t fit Ashwaths shoes. This incapability has been the catalyst which led to the downfall of CAM GC as a practice.

While mumbai is also a fiefdom, it still provides better learning opportunities for first gen lawyers.
You are expecting "Nicer'?,OMG your on a for a very tough ride .I doubt whether nice or good ever can exist at CAM,evil sure can.All the best!!
Won't matter which office.In one year,maybe even less,you will want to move out to another firm.
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