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Enough for maach, sutta, daru and above all .. adda. Why? Because nothing else matters!!
Cause of the Marwaris who havent moved away yet. A big law firm based in Kolkatta had to move away to Delhi and then to Mumbai.

Cause maach, sutta, daru and above all .. adda dont get money honey.
I mean, at least they got Nobel Prizes, so there's that. 🤷‍♂️
You can be a Bong hater, I can't argue with that.
Yes, Marwadis are the driving force of Cal's economy, but the question is so? Mumbai is run by Gujjus and Parsis, Delhi by Punjabis. I don't see any problem with that.
Bongs aren't shy to declare that Marwadi's have better business acumen.

Anyway, "cha", maach, sutta and adda seems to be raking upwards of $100 billion per year for the city.

Disclaimer: I'm not a Bong
May be you should first learn to spell the city :-)
Should be around 35,000/- to 50,000/- enough for badi, gadi, puchka, jhal-muri and an occasional Rosogolla at K.C.Das, Esplanade.
Seems like last time you were in Kolkata, Jyoti Basu was still the CM 😛
Haha! People and their generalisations. Kolkata has made a lot of progress now, yes its not perfect and the industry is not as thriving as in Mumbai or Delhi, but its much better than some people claim it to be.
Was in Kolkatta 2 (two) years ago - appears that even if you go to Kaalighat, there are hordes of people out there to get you. You cant walk away without paying them.

At CSC club, everyone expects a tip.

Come to Mumbai, no one expects you to pay all the time to get work done.


Mee Mumbaikar
Yet you won't find people from Kolkata crying about their miserable work lives in this forum. Most of those people are from Mumbai or Delhi.
Bro/Sis main bhai Mumbai office meh hi hu. Mumbai does a better professional culture and there is no arguing upon that point. Lekin its not as bad as people say, ofc if you compare it to Bombay or Delhi then it would look meek in comparison. After working in multiple cities, in my opinion the bar is the best at Cal HC and Madras HC (after Bombay and Delhi ofc). Yes, the general overall work culture nowhere as strong as in Mumbai, but there has been a lot of improvement.
As someone who has been residing in Kolkata for the past 19 years, it is pathetic. Yes, it is comparatively thriving, because why not? The bar was already so low.

I am now in a Delhi based college. And my first reaction when I landed in Delhi was: Holy Fuck! Kolkata does not deserve to be clubbed with other big metros.
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Good luck in that gas chamber. Hopefully you are not a girl and therefore need not be afraid for your life whenever you have stay out late after dark.
Take a visit to Chennai and Bangalore maybe? You will see where they lack and where Cal does.
Your comment reflects how ignorant you are of Kolkata. The city is way better now, buddy! :)
KCO I believe is 75k for A)/junior associates for the Corp Team. Lit might be more and has a solid bonus as well.

Argus is around 50k for 0 experience joinee, could be slightly more as well.
KCO Kolkata Corp Team gives the same fixed component to A0s hired during Day Zero as the other offices. Bonus may vary.
Argus offered freshers around 8.5 lpa back in 2020 for their Kolkata office.
This is not true for a fact. Argus does not pay that much.
Why are Kolkata kids so naive and delusional on top of being madly insecure.

Theek hai bhen, chota sheher hai, calm your t down.

One day when you step out of your bubble, you'll see the world has progressed since the capital was shifted to Delhi. High time you come to 2022 as well.
As someone who has stayed in other cities apart from Calcutta, can affirm Delhi and Bombay have a distinct advantage over Cal. Rest of the cities however have only a perception advantage.
Someone, please throw some light rather than the usual dick measuring shit on LI