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I am a second-year student at an NLU and wanted to know whether interning at ZBA, keeping in mind that this would be my first law firm internship, would be a good idea.
I see so many of these vague "go anywhere but [name of firm]" comments in internship threads. Please tell us WHY too.
+1 on this. Its good if you are going to work with Z of ZBA (i.e litigation). Wont recommend the other partner (obvious reasons). But definitely there are better places to go.
To be fair, ZB is a pretty nice guy. Smart too and gives (at least gave) good work. NL, on the other hand, is..
All i know about this firm is that its highly involved with Merchant shipping.
I have Ms.Lam is one of the best mentors around. She is known to be good as a person too. She is internationally trained and you will learn a lot.
Zarir has a lot of shipping clients and keeps appearing in courts. Has arbitration matters too. But may be too busy to guide you.
It is a typical mid-size Bombay firm of Parsis.
All the best.
Having interned there, one thing that I found is the fact that they inducted a way more number of interns than required. Now coming to quality of work and rigour, well it's depends a lot on from whom you are taking assignments. Had a couple of associates who were patient and kind enough to explain the background of the research proposition and guide accordingly. But every time you were required to ask for work. Had majorly got research and compliance related work. Also try to build a good rapport with a couple of associates and gain their trust, it would be easier for you get a quality work.

But in my experience you won't be getting direct work from Mr. Zarit Bharucha. Overall I would say a decent place to kick start your corp internship.