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Guys, I have an interest in white collar crime, and I looked up good firms that I am looking to work at in the future.

does anybody have any idea about the salary paid at Panag & Babu to a fresher? thank you
thanks for the reply is the work culture, hours, general life as an employee there?
They work on all collars - white, black, blue, grey, purple, pink, yellow, orange etc.
the best part is Gul Panag comes to office once a week to meet her brother.
Babu bhai comes to meet Babu concerned about hera pheris.
Same with CAM where Jackie and Tiger come to meet the Shroffs regularly. Shardul thakur similarly visits SAM. Dev Anand for Anand and Anand. So not a decisive big perk in Panag and Babu.
and the best part about PSL is that the entire Suits cast visits every month
Best part about CAM is that CBI visits once a quarter yelling about some bank
This thread is hilarious. I was having a bad day (month, actually) so thank you.
they do...i've seen them hire a few. Probably PPOs thought, after multiple internships.
any update abt the pay? also it will be of big help if someone cld shed some light on the hiring process