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How is an opinion post moderated as โ€œfacts contestedโ€. Is it even claiming to be fact?
Look, it's pretty simple - if you want to learn the law, he's a great guy. If not, then save him and yourself the trouble of applying. I've found him to be considerate, supportive and a good boss, overall.
Agreed. Most of the kids in LNL are used to work in a sarkari setup with no effort. They would act as cry babies
Have you worked in a sarkari setup? If not, kindly reconsider your opinion. Just because one might have a few more Gandhis in your pocket, virtue cannot be claimed. Everyone's starting point and goals are different. Introspect.
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Nice joke! Learn the law is okay but at what cost, youโ€™ll die soon in few years if you over work, all your money will go in health care ๐Ÿ˜‚
[...] Also people are called to offc on Saturdays and Sundays.
So true. His minions (current team) won't even speak up. All the good ones have left already.
Why was my comment taken down? I thought the entire reason why LI was different was because it promoted free speech. That comment had received a bunch of likes. So it clearly resonated with a fair number of people.
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As someone who previously worked in Manmeet's team... I think I'm well placed to answer this question. Overall it's a pretty unhealthy environment. [...]

There are a few things that stood out for me:

3. He doesn't seem to grasp (or at-least he didn't back then) the concept of work-life balance. He would ask us to come to work on Saturday/Sunday and for random things.

Last line of your comment... Have you been able to find a firm which is not toxic? If yes, please do suggest!

Law firm partners find some sort of sadistic pleasure in making associates work on weekends. [...]
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.....and this is exactly how he built the largest team on the Luthra lit side (as a non equity partner) and the largest book on the lit side...
Why is LI deleting every honest comment being posted on this thread?
I do have an true story about Manmeet Singh which a lot of readers on this thread might find useful in making their career choices, but I am doubtful that LI would let it remain on this thread for very long.

Instead I will respond to the question which a lot of readers have asked here - why is LI censoring so many honest comments? Simple, because they want to avoid be sued for defamation.
Iโ€™ll give a fair review. It will be unbiased, fair and I hope LI does not remove it:

1. Work hours are insane. You are expected to work from 11AM to 11 PM generally, best time, which may extend till late nights

2. Work is 7 days a week

3. Except random call from any partners under him or him on Sunday or Saturday.

4. Work life balance is a myth

5. If you are an A0/A1, you will have to figure out things on your own. They will not provide you with any instructions or guidance or help, but will randomly allot work with insane deadline. This is where the lack of middle level SAs and PAs hit .

6. Manmeet sir is approachable with regards to doubts etc. But other partners under him are cranky and highly unprofessional when it comes to handling people.

7. Cases are good- they are high stake matters.

8. Associates are friendly.

9. Be ready to sacrifice your personal life if you are joining, you wonโ€™t have one.

The attrition rate is alarming in his team. Iโ€™ve heard that 8-10 associates including a SA,PA had left his team in last 3 months.
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Deference to point 6.

Damn! Canโ€™t agree more.

As a person who has worked there, Iโ€™d beg to differ on point 6 to the extent that two partners (under Manmeet) I worked with were great, viz. Mr Alok Shankar and Mr. Sairam (who just joined).

They are the gems one can work with.
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Culture is the issue! Even though Manmeet is good as a professional, he fails to appreciate Work Life Balance. For once even if I say that Manmeet is a great person, but partners under him who deal with commercial matters in Delhi are difficult to work with- highly unprofessional, cranky, egomaniacs, providing work with vague guidelines, randomly calling on weekends, saying on face that you are being paid so do the work, micromanaging stuff.

If you join in Delhi Team, try working directly under Manmeet and not under the kids who are yet to learn how to behave with people.
Itโ€™s every where the same, itโ€™s India dude.

Over population has created a demand supply gap, 1 associate leaves and 50 are ready to join.

Believe me, you can keep cribbing but no one cares. Culture wonโ€™t change. Youโ€™ll need to adjust, or donโ€™t join a law firm.

Kudos buds
That's a daft way of looking at it. Many law firms have partners with reasonable work culture and non-toxic environments. There are teams where people can leave at 7-8, still have a reasonable work life balance and make good money. Anything else is a leadership failure.
Dude, that is not a daft way.

dude. to regurgitate toxicity is in the eyes of the person, many ass-ociates are so lazy that they will not want to work but crib around the whole day, and when asked for deliverables- they call the environment toxic!

Is it reasonable?

Gen-Z do not want to work and just chill.
You are behaving as if this particular team represents the generality view of all teams pan India. Having worked in his team, and switched to a new team in some other Tier 1 firm, I can tell with certainty that what you are saying is the lamest thing.

I had asked my current boss why people in his team will not leave for years, he said โ€œMentor your juniors about the deliverables, provide with an adequate time space and treat them humanly giving them the space to rejuvenate. Then they will perform much better. Be a leader and not a boss.โ€
Iโ€™ve a lot of names, but taking names on LI would be wrong. For ease, you can safely assume the places and team where โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ of his associate โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ, shift to, and stay there for years have healthy work environment and reasonable partners.
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When the fox ๐ŸฆŠ could not eat the grapes, what did he say โ€œthe grapes are sourโ€.

Eat- handle the team well

Grapes- juniors
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I had a chance to work years back. Like most, I worked for a short stint before going in house.

Whilst the above comments more or less covers every aspect. I would give a very fair share of my review, if you are looking for balance of your personal life and professional life this is then, the last place your should consider.

Manmeet is a workaholic, to meet and match up to his expectations you will have to work insanely, which will disrupt your work life balance. There is hardly any day when there is no work. I donโ€™t know about the other partners, because I never had a chance to work with them.

Kudos! Hope this helps.