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Hello! As the title says, I am 21 and I'm preparing for CLAT 2022. What's bothering me is the age gap that will be between me and my batchmates. It is affecting my preparation. Would like to hear about your law school experience if you were in a similar situation or know someone.

P.S. I've only completed my 12th.
Bhai, triple drop? Won't matter if you make it, otherwise, it's a shit-show.
I was almost 21 when I'd joined. Before CLAT though. Didn't really have any issue to be honest. Might have actually helped during the ragging phase. Shifted career too later. Pretty happy now and the age didn't really create any problem anywhere.
Kyu kar raha hai law, humse galti hui teen ke josh mei. Sale tu mat fas 21 ki Umar mei.
Have some shame dude. If you want to come to Law School so badly, then do BA somewhere else and join the new LLB that Sudhir is starting.
Please don't pressurize yourself because of the age gap. If you work hard for next 5 years, you can conquer it.
Read about Gaurav Taneja.
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Gaurav Taneja is probably not the best example. He's an IIT graduate who also has a pilot's license (all at the appropriate age). Not to forget, a steady stream of income from his various business adventures. He has the freedom to do as he wishes now. LLB might just give him more content.
Millions of peeps watch him daily. I don't even understand why are people interested in others' life. And, hell, he has capitalized the child so much to get views. Highly shrewd person, it seems.
I don't think there is strong incentive for you to join any NLU at your age. Regardless of what is said about the NLUs themselves, one of the purposes of the 5-year programme was to cut the time required for professional law courses. With that in mind, you would have been nearing graduation in a conventional 3-year degree. At this age, if you're instead looking at joining a 5-year course, that would be a wrong call. Sufficient to say that the 5-year programme would be counterproductive for you. Please do a basic graduation first. You're setting yourself up for something bad down the line.

As regards your question, nobody cares about anybody's age if you don't go shouting about it to anybody who'd listen.
Bruh dont you worry about once you get in there is no age related issue whatsoever, I got in T1 this year and am 20. And there are multiple threads on this with people with great advice.

dont listen to the trolls here
Do your own thing, girl/boy/non-binary
Bruh look how your legal education turned out to be. It's called being inclusive. Hope you never become a judge, else minorities would have to struggle for their basic authentic selves. Pathetic.
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Only qtiyas make age in college an issue. So unless you wanna make friends with qtiyas chase your dreams and go to an NLU.
I was in 4th year of Uni when I was 21 years old. Many in my bath who didn't take a drop year were 21/22Y as well in the 4th year.

We had a batchmate who was 4 years older than all of us. He topped the batch but he was not eligible for an in-house placement opportunity because of his age. He had no trouble fitting in, etc.
Did your batchmate get a job? Like any law firm or in-house job?
Wait, there's an age limit for in-house placement?
what is the age limit for campus placements at nlus
If you are sure about law, by that I mean dead serious about pursuing it, then continue with your prep and give it a shot. Age does not make a hell lot of difference, just that you would be behind your peers in terms of age and all. I myself have graduated at the age of 25, henceforth I can say from experience that your age would not be a problem at least when it comes to job opportunities in T1 firms at least. Maybe a few recruiters would make that an issue, but as a general rule as long as you have a decent cgpa from a T1 NLU then I don't think that your age will play any role in your long term career.

BUT, proceed with caution! If you have the slightest bit of doubt regarding law as your career then please do not join a law school. At the age of 21 if you get into law school only to figure out that it isn't what you want to do then my friend, you would be in serious trouble, at 21 exit your options outside law would be extremely limited. Pursuing something else would be a much wiser choice then.

Please make your decision wisely, don't take any impulsive decisions which might harm you in the future. Whatever you may choose, make sure that it is what you want out of your life. May God bless you, all the best for your future.
Should be fine. You will have time to make up. Many are doing the 3 year law courses at a later stage and some even post ca or cs. So age is not a worry