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Try applying make up, shoot a video of that, and see how rich you can get.
Because people watch those videos which is why advertiser pay the creators. Not like every youtuber is making such money. Very very few are successful.
Arre bhai, toh tum bhi banao na. If it seems that easy to you, open a YouTube channel and try it. You will then learn a very costly lesson of survivorship bias.
At the end of the day, capitalism is about how much the society values you. If the society today values adorable cats over arrogant lawyers, that is who will make more money.
Adorable cats should always be more valued over any kind of lawyer.
How come you guys earn crores for paper pushing and mere clerical work?

As an MBA, this is what always come to my mind.
We dont earn crores but I understand what you are saying.
Not all unboxing people earn that much. Top 1% probably have 90% market share of ad/collaboration revenue.
You know what the best part is? These guys are earning so much doing something they like.
Why aren’t doctors and farmers the richest people in the world? Surely their skills and labour are more essential than mediocre people who basically send the same paper around to each other everyday working middle management at law firms who don’t have any impact or even name recognition outside of this small law circle?