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I feel this is an impediment to NLU grads getting paid more and being taken more seriously in the corporate sector, politics, UPSC etc.
Yes, because they have done nothing as incredible as people from IIT/IIM.
The number of people who have done any 'incredible' thing after graduating from an IIM is less than 3% of the total IIM student population till date.
Well, that is by definition, no? I mean, if everyone started opening a Flipkart, Ola or Zomato as some IIT graduates have done - it would by definition have to be average and not incredible.
Don't talk rot. NLSIU grads have achieved just as much as the top IIT/IIM grads. Examples:

1. Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju were single-handedly responsible for the abolition of 377 and were in the Time magazine list of the 100 most influential people in the WORLD.

2. Shamnad Basheer and Lawrence Liang campaigned for cheaper medicines and textbooks. Both got the Infosys prize.

3. NSLIU grads founded Trilegal, one of the country's best law firms

4. An NLSIU grad is a QC in the UK
1. They didn't do it single handedly. Plenty of other people were involved. They just got all the publicity.
2. Shamnad will always be remembered for IDIA even if he hadn't done anything about IP, which he actually did. In comparison, Liang hasn't really achieved anything yet and he's not really considered a serious IP scholar by anybody else other than his fan club. His sexual harassment controversy has attracted more attention than his actual work.
3. This is true. Although they aren't the only people who actually made the firm what it is. Having said that, that's really not a huge achievement to be known outside the legal world.
4. There are many such people. How's this a huge achievement for others to know or care?
Its like you wrote the first post and wrote the response.
How jobless are you?
Almost as much as you, even assuming both the people are the same, which I don't think to be the case here.
If this is the standard of achievements of NLS as an institution, then better we vouch for GLC/CLC while comparing them with IIT/IIM.
NLSIU grads always seem to talk a big game on LI. Don't ignore that achievement.
Menaka and Arundhati got us what! How can you be so clued out of something which is literally the present.
We will talk when DBRANLU exceeds IIT Goa, both the newest institutions. NLUs do not even have a unitary system of cooperation at all, unlike IITs where the older ones mentor the newer ones ensuring success of the entire brand. All the older NLUs engage in is spewing vitriol on the newer NLUs - exclusivity never achieved anything for civilisation, inclusivity did.
truth be told, lawyers will never be at the forefront of anything massive. They're simply facilitators who work behind the scenes. I've seen some people go crazy when others don't know/don't care how big the lawyer/law firm is where they're interning/working. The truth is, nobody outside the legal circle knows anyone other than Ram Jethmalani or Salve at most, and firms toh bhool hee jao. TBH, there is no reason why anyone should know of them. Hence, if you can't gather the publicity, you can't be successful ACC to societal standards and if you don't pull the audience and the eyeballs, you will never make as much as people who do - for example cricketers, actors, singers.

Ab billable hour do saare bye
lawyers are usually at the forefront of government & politics. unfortunately, the law schools have taken our bright minds away from politics and the public eye.
> 1. Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju were single-handedly responsible for the abolition of 377 and were in the Time magazine list of the 100 most influential people in the WORLD.

Decades of grassroots movements and consensus building and alleviating stigma by the LGBT+ community, and somehow these 2 are single handedly responsible? Hell they hadn't even started law school when Naz Foundation was raising awareness on LGBT health.
They can start with by not being so needy and seeking external validation
Because of the international placements and competitive ness in clearing the exams. Law as a matter of fact is a subject that interests the least.

World is about technology and may very well erase the need of lawyers in the future.
L1 here, will lawyers be out of job by 2040? This comment scared me to the spine.
Not the job of every lawyer.

There are many countries where legal tech is booming where some software can even make arguments. Already paralegals and other repetitive task jobs are being replaced by tech. In UK currently, there is a committee formed that is trying to form some guidelines for petty cases which can be automated (like simple contract cases, etc).
I don't think advocacy will run out of job. Judging my pseudonym you can probably guess that I am merely a aspirant and don't know much about law, so can't present my views on how corporate law firms will fare. I wrote what I wrote about advocacy as I don't think an AI would ever be able to deliver as well as an actual human. It can at most present facts but if only that were the case when it comes to passing verdicts then It would long have happened.

Well maybe what I said is crude and wrong and law is going to hell so pls reply or I would not have time to aspire to be member of another profession.
Law graduates run cost centre while IIT/IIM graduates run profit centres in companies. No wonder the later's prospects are far better.
You dont get respect because you still hang on to your NLU tags. If after a year or 2 of work, you still need your NLU tag to define you and take you to places then honestly, thats all you have got going in life.
You will get all the izzat you need if you buy an Audi/Merc/BMW after getting placed at a T1, with your 16 LPA.

If you want to save money, you drive a Wagon-R, buy cheap things, and commute by Mumbai local, kaunich izzat dega re baba?
Beta 16 l pa mein audi/ merc kaise Kharid lega? Those will be more expensive than 3 years gross salary. phir Khana, rehna, healthcare bhi ka toh Kharche hote hai. Aise financial decisions lega random logo ko impress karne ke liye toh Kuch hi Deeno mein station ke Bahar bheek mangna padega
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