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I went against my family decision's to pursue engineering and decided to pursue law. Particularly, because, I was enamored by law firms' pay. However, in hindsight, I realized how stupid I was for going with this rationale. It is not that I would have ended up in some good engineering college - T3 or worse at best, I guess.

Again, GGSIPU is a way better college than I would have got a year back. However, I am a bit concerned about placement. I know that some people from USLLS are doing really good. However, whether the college had any role is debatable.

Would I get placed? What should I do to build a superior profile? How do I get internships? Is there any bias towards NLU - T1 - grads?

I am concerned that I might remain unemployed or do not get paid well enough to sustain myself if I go to USLLS. Suggestions?
You write well, you're already halfway equipped to be a good lawyer. USLLS will give you access to the best advantage a student can have - location. Plus 6 months for internship in your last year, when you'll need it the most. You'll get no placement support, but who knows what may happen in 5 years.
This gives me a little hope. I believe, if I manage to do intern throughout the year then I may get at least a PPO. Class timings are a bit skewed now, however, I expect them to get normal after a few months. Let's see what life has in for me.

I won't lie, I am a bit scared though.
Don't fret, USLLS has produced a decent number of successful lawyers, corporate attorneys and judicial officers. Just because it isn't an NLU doesn't mean you as a law student cannot succeed.
I always read USLLS as Ulysses. Don't worry, my friend, like Odysseus, you too shall have a tough way to a glorious end.
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