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I'm a third year 5 yr program student in NLU Assam. Just got a confirmation for a Tier 2 internship in Delhi for Feb. I know this wouldn't convert to a PPO still I wanted to know what do people in 3/4 year do in their internship that they end up bagging PPOs so early on?
Is it something to do with knowledge of law? Like a third year getting a PPO with M and A team, is it because they knew M and A basics right in their third year? Or is it something with your aptitude and behaviour one shows during that period? Asking as I'm unable to think how to be impressive to a firm with relatively low legal knowledge.
In my experience, people who get PPO in 3rd/4th years are highly skilled at making maggi
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Only the college brand and basic knowledge matters for 4th year PPOs and that is a fact
Is it true? R and others, would love to know whether this holds truth or not?
I am touched that somebody wants my views. Lol. I can tell you this - the only reason anybody gives PPO, specially at a 3rd or 4th year is that the law firm realises that without a PPO that person will take a better offer and to tie in that student to not go elsewhere. If you get a PPO it actually may mean you are worth more. If you don't, it doesn't mean anything either good or bad. As a student, the job worry is so much in this competitive world that there is no room but to overthink and try everything. There is no right answer on how to get a PPO, no telling what kind of work you get, the lucky breaks in a research you may have, people you work with, the unlucky break of the work that is currently ongoing, the amount of intern help that is required etc. All you can do, cliched as it is, is make the best of your strengths and apply yourself. Rest is too subjective. It's so much of luck that it's beyond any analysis. All the best!

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To put it simply, luck. You can be absolutely amazing in your deliverables or create a great impression but there are so many factors which are outside your control that you need luck to secure it.

You can be impressive by being a good intern, be attentive to detail, try asking as many relevant questions as you can to the work given (basically try to ask information that helps in the deliverable), and giving them what they want. Since its your first internship, try and understand how the people are, the team is, and if you like it a lot, towards the end ask for a call back or assessment internship. If they really like you, they will give you a call back. That you can convert into a PPO easily.
As a law student from a T1 NLU, I can tell you that 3rd year PPOs are unheard of. It simply does not happen.
No T1/T2 firm is stupid enough to give an offer directly to a third year.

The best case scenario is an extension/callback, and that also only happens in 4th year. Once you get a callback and perform well, then it depends upon the partner/firm's hiring policies.

As for the "secret", it is honestly highly dependent upon your contacts, because this process directly involves grabbing the attention of a partner and being able to persuade them for offering you an assessment internship. This is just extremely tough to do in T1s/big T2s unless you've accomplished something extraordinary or have family relations with them.

Of course, a great CV helps.
L&L has given multiple ppos to third years from t1s previously
If you are indeed from a Tier 1 NLU, you will know that what you have said is lies. The partners and associates look at merit alone. If you are excellent, the PPO offers will come in, irrespective of whether one is in third or fourth year (has happened in NALSAR and NLS). Please don't bring connections into everything
It actually happens quite often toward the end of the third year here (around 3 to 4 people in a non civil batch), and if it happens here, I'm sure NLUs ranked higher than us have this as well

1. Be from a Tier-1

2. Have good papers published within 2nd year

3. Be in the top of your batch till the first two years

4. NOW the most important thing - work your butt off in the internship and that will trnslate into a high paying ppo at the end of 3rd year anyway
I have all of the above, and being appreciated for quality work, but my grades are too low. Do I stand a chance?