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Have received a PPO at Karanjawala & Co., please help me to make the decision. Thanks
How did you get internship? No replies despite several follow ups.
It's a tier-one litigation and disputes resolution firm with tentacles in every forum of relevance at New Delhi. Their work culture is world-class. Their pay, again, is world-class. Go for it. You'll get to brief the best arguing counsels in Delhi and work on the most important matters. Nothing matters more than a good platform to network from. If you are smart, a stint at Karanjawala & Co will set you off for a bright future as an independent practitioner/ AoR at the Supreme Court. Just be sure that you are with a team that does regular High Court and Supreme Court work. The other team's will not give you the same perspective or quality of exposure. Also, if you aspire to remain within the folds of a law firm, use your position at Karanjawala to springboard into an Amarchand/ Khaitan/ Luthra for positions like Partner. I say this because Karanjawala is still largely promoter owned and driven. The partners there don't seem to hold equity of much value (monetary or otherwise) compared to the abovementioned firms.
World class pay? Not really. In the first 3 years, you can expect at the most 6 lakhs per annum if you are lucky and have good negotiation skills. After that, it depends on the team as some will allow you to take independent matters so long as there is no conflict. The work is good because they handle several big ticket deals. Pay may also vary on monthly basis, as in you may not get full salary in a month and then get the rest cumulatively in the next month. Work pressure is like most tier one firms depending on your team.
Does Karanjawala only do commercial litigation or does it also do other areas of litigation, like criminal, etc.?
Their criminal side practice, much like that of every other firm, is negligible. A few 138 matters, a couple of Companies Act prosecutions or EPA violations; small things, just that they're against companies so the firms handle it. Or maybe an occasional 420/467 matter, that frankly, these people are ill-equipped/trained to tackle, at least at the trial level.

Basically, naa ke barabar
Karanjawala is well known for representing the powerful men called out in the Me-too movement and silencing women, join them but beware of their culture.
Lol what do you mean? They are free to represent anyone.
Every single law firm of repute represents clients who have committed questionable acts. Those are unfortunately the people who will pay you the big bucks to get them off.
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Dude I really hope you are not a lawyer, and are some stray person visiting this site to see the new interface (which is not that commendable tho :))

A lawyers job is to give their client the best defense possible in the courts against all sorts of accusations/ prosecutions etc. to ensure procedure is duly followed, irrespective of them actually committing them or not