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Which teams would you recommend working with at SAM Delhi? Major considerations: quality of work, work-life balance, scope to learn/grow.
Not the family competition team. ( ). Khansaheb has the coolest team and attitude. PG is not bad either.
Can someone explain what is wrong with the competition team?
The family rules it like itโ€™s own personal fiefdom. The family basically runs an extortion racket under the garb of a competition practice.

If one wants to be a lawyers and not broker best to stay away.
Toxic work culture too much sucking up required and extra brownie points if you bash Trilegal. Sessions dedicated to assessing what TL is doing there obsession with her is bizarre.
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Which teams/partners specifically in disputes?

And which teams would you not recommend working with?
Would Ayush Kapoor count as a separate team? Is he a good boss?
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Sheโ€™s been transferred to a new team. Not sure youโ€™d want to join the new one โ€” associates donโ€™t sleep โ€” calls with foreign teams go on well into the night and hi pri FB / WA lit takes up the morning. Not a life anyone wants. Does pay much better than most other teams tho :p
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Any word of advice on the Prashant Sirohi and/or Siddharth Sen team? Worth a shot?
How is the Gen Corp team in Delhi? Do they hire freshers?
Anything but a certain madame Gโ€™s team. Stay away. Toxic.
i agree 100pc stress 200pc politics 0 learning and minus 100 pc growth nothing has changed in many years except many scarred. the oldest spoiled child limca book ki entry
It's like that joke which went around. Lawyer to client- I can only give 2/4 to you.

Quality, fast, cheap.

Take your pick.

Your considerations are also similar.
I mean, the Shroffโ€™s have to be completely insensitive to people who have joined her team and scarred their careers. There is only politics and contrary to popular belief, it stems at the top. Plus all her post (...) laterals have left except well a classic one lol! Save your careers and donโ€™t join this team.
Who is left? One recruiter was telling me it's one of the most sought after team
Toxic and exploitive

Pg - himself has no Indian law qualification and doesnโ€™t really understand Indian law to the extent his peers in other firms do.
What about NNโ€™s team at mumbai?
Iโ€™m at a T2 currently and am planning on making a lateral shift.
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Avoid pg at all costs. Big deals look shiny only on paper. I feel sorry for his associates.
Big deals like Paytm? โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ

Big deals like PNB Housing Finance? Heard his โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ
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Yeah they've been looking for SAs/ PAs forever. But why is that literally everyone has asked me to stay away from his team? Is it because AM is very difficult to work with?
Please don't join this team. Mismanagement and poor communication skills.
I've heard Pavit's team is good in disputes, despite long working hours.
From what we have heard, the tax team in Delhi, both direct and indirect tax are very good. They are Tier 1, the partners are excellent , take care of the chaps and are experienced hands in the tax industry with all partners and the senior guys, thought leaders who have grown from the ground and take time out always to help the juniors.
Pretty great if you hate having a life. The team always seems to be always on the lookout for associates since no one wants to stay. Team is downright โ–ฎโ–ฎโ–ฎ.
Was in the team for 2 years before I left the team for good. Working till midnight was a common occurrence, couple that with poor communication and unrealistic expectations and no regard for bandwidth / staffing.

There are far better teams both work culture wise and quality wise for employment law (read Noohidโ€™s team at AZB, even Anshul Prakashโ€™s team at KCO i heard is pretty decent)
Ive been strongly considering this team

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