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Hi I am going to intern in WG Delhi office in December and plan to get a PPO. Do they hire through PPOs or lateral applications? Also, what is the salary structure for an A0? Do they pay as much as other tier 2 firms?

A table on legally india shows salary to be 8.4 L but I have read comments saying it is 40k pm. Can someone please clarify?
Thank you in anticipation.
First get an offer and then decide. What will you do if they even pay 5 lakhs pm but you don't get a job? You getting a job is dependant on them rather than you.
If you have nothing useful to say, then just don't . Be a better person please.
I hope this is an assessment internship. Because if it's a normal routine internship and you are planning to impress them by your work then I am sorry to say that this won't be happening mostly. They don't allot much work in online internships.

Try applying at other places.
All the best
Yes, can please someone confirm the salary of an A0 at WG Delhi office
Its 40k/pm plus bonus.
Comes around 6-6.5L for an A0.
Would touch 9-10L in the second year.
They don't pay as much as other firms and they don't even hire easily. Salary structure is 35k + 5k(bonus but it is contingent).
Also, if this is an online internship, then you will not get any work (maybe 1 hour work per week)
Internship Work depends upon the team that one gets
Its crazy busy in Banking and moderate in others.
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basheer is the boss of structured debt
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I cannot recommend WG (whether Delhi or Mumbai), even though they've got a decent bunch of folks, because they pay shit (with exception as detailed below) and it doesn't seem like that's going to change until Dhawal and Ashish are in management.

It only makes sense to join the teams of those equity partners who are making significant revenues, if you want to be paid decently 3-4 year down the line. WG Delhi doesn't have one of those equity partners.
WG Mumbai pay for freshers ranges from 40k/m to 65k/m depending on the team and partner.
Starting salary for an A0 is 65,000 and can go up to 80,000 depending on the bonus. Source: batchmate who got a job recently
I have internet with them in august I can confirm the salary in not more than 6 lpa plus in lit. Team you don’t have a life but on the positive side it has some good clientele