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Hi Guys!

There is no arguing that Premier League is arguably the best league in the world and I am sure there must be many Premier League fanatics here on LI who would be into Fantasy Premier League as played over the Premier League App.

To make it all a bit more interesting, I have created a private league for all the lawyers out here who are into fantasy premier league just as much as I am so we can have a season-long private league comprising of just us lawyers working all over India. The code for the league is as follows: haqe2y

I request all the interested folks to join the league using the aforementioned code before the Premier League season starts on 14 August 2021 and let's have a cracking season.

Happy FPL!
Half of the lawyers working in firms don't even know much about premier league, let alone fantasy premier league. Everyone is more into cricket.
It's more about choice bro, I personally know tonnes of lawyers who would prefer football over cricket anyday. Football on any given day is the daddy sport and cricket can never ever even on its best of days match It's popularity.
Cricket vs football??? Why are we even debating, its football anyday lol
I wish there was an actual weekly football league in which all firms could participate in a proper 11 vs 11 matches. Sucks to see how almost none of the lawyers in law firms actually get to play a physical live sport
They do. The associates play as shuttlecocks between the partners and the clients.
Hahaha no denying that but there should atleast some sort of inter-firms football league, i guess for cricket there is indeed a tournament but nothing for football
Premier league chhoddo champions league ka banao,har kisi ki fav team prem mein nhi
I was hoping for the same. Not everyone is into the premier league. I for one, prefer Bundesliga over it.
Interesting, you both seem to have a knack for Bundesliga. How did it happen? (Let's agree that EPL is the obvious choice in India, followed by RM/Barca)
Lahm and Muller made me start watch football (back in the 2010 WC). Been a bayern fan since then :)
For me it was the 2012-13 UCL and 2014 WC[Neur was phenomenal] #MiaSanMia
Hahaha seriously bro? How is Bundesliga more exciting and interesting than premier league? Bundesliga is at max a 3 team dominated league whereas in Premier League you just don't know who might top whom.
arre bhai ,I meant ki fantasy league mein cl clubs bhi hone chahiye,and usmein top 4 PL teams toh hogi hi na.How on Earth,did it turn into Bundesliga vs Premier League
Alright bro, but Bundesliga is 1 team dominated league with no excitement as such. Premier league on the other hand is atleast unexpected and exciting
While it is right that the league overall is dominated by 1/2 clubs but if you look at the overall league - there are too many changes every year in who finishes where from 3 to 18. Similarly for Serie A. Plus, the footaball in Bundesliga and Serie A is far more exciting than the physicality of the EPL. EPL is number one mostly because of marketing.
I beg to differ bro, Premier League is far more competitive compared to other leagues where you just can't be sure about anything with even the lower-ranked teams producing the most unexpected results very very often. Also, you can't be more wrong about there not being too many changes when it comes to who finishes 3 to 18 in the Premier League. Just have a look at the league standings of last 3 years to say the least and see the finishes made by Leicester
City, Wolves, Burnley, West Ham United, Sheffield United, Aston Villa etc., you will have your answer.
Hey Kian, can you put this thread on top so more and more people can join the league?

A sincere request, would really appreciate it if you can.
4 days to go guys, gonna be a one hell of an exciting season. Let's see who finishes on top.
Beer and Premier League, probably the only two good things about weekend.
Raph, Buendia or Barnes, none of them are differentials as they are all highly owned. Go for someone like Sarr ( Cheap Salah, and v good fixtures) or Dele Alli (Good fixtures after City, pre season shows him back at No.10). 6.5m ain't much to have a flop player.
Nicely analyzed bro, going with a cheap defence though with White, Coady, Veltman, Ayling, Sanchez etc to spend more on some premium attacking options. Let's see how it unfolds.
Not really bro, there are much better options in defense even if one doesn't picks TAA.
I suggest that you do it for Champions League
as Champions league has more clubs,with more fans.In the prem,the main teams like City,Utd,Chelsea ,Liverpool[who have supporters in India,and probably no one India supports teams like West Brom,Norwich or for that matter West Ham] will play the champions league and on top of that big clubs like Juventus[CR7 FAN BOIS],Bayern,PSG[with the Messi Transfer saga going on],Inter,AC Milan,Dortmund,Real,Barca would also be there.Just a suggestion
Bro the thing is that the fantasy format for UCL is not that interesting and not many people play it, hardly 1 or 2 million whereas Fantasy Premier League for Premier League is atleast played by 10 12 million people.
Absolutely right, UCL fantasy isn't that good. Fantasy Premier League on the other hand draws in excitement until the last game week with millions of people competing worldwide
Great participation in Gameweek 1 with over 40 lads joining the league. Those who haven't yet can still join the league from Gameweek 2 using the league code mentioned above. Happy FPL!
Bumping this up for those who couldn't join the league in Gameweek 1
Bumping this up for those who couldn't join the league in Gameweek 2. More than 50 FPL managers have already joined. New managers can still join. Happy FPL!
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Bumping this up for those who couldn't join the league until Gameweek 3.
So, just a small update. The PL season ended with City obviously winning it with Pep.

The FPL ended with following standings -

1. Ole Bhature (Ravin Kapur)
2. Boom Boom (Sukhmani Singh)
3. Myson Mount (Prafful Dawani)
4. Khatri ke Khiladi (Shikhar Khatri)
5. Nothing toulouse (Shekhar Yadav)

Looking forward to next season as I'll win it haha. Cheers to everyone who played this time out.
Hi Guys,

FPL for season 2022-2023 has also been created, request you all to use the following code for joining this season's league: qbngjf

Alternatively, you may also use the following link: