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Would be great if people can share info on annual salaries (pre TDS) of PA1, PA2, PA3. Or managing associates (which are equivalent of PA in few firms).
Your question is wrong PA and MA is not equivalent across firms. Khaitan and CAM make PA after 6 years PQE and Luthra makes MA after 6 years PQE, whereas SAM makes PA after 7 years PQE. Trilegal doesn't have PA/MA, but a designation called counsel for 7 years PQE. AZB doesn't have an equivalent - they make SA at 5 yrs PQE and straight partner after that at 9-10 yrs PQE. Not aware of the situation at JSA and other firms.

So a better question would be "what is the pay for 6 years and 7 years PQE respectively at these firms? Hope people can contribute and answer this.
SAM makes PAs at minimum 7 years instead of the normal 6? Is this true?

If yes, then do the 6 year PQE people at SAM (who are still SAs) get similar/comparable comp to other firm people (who’ve become PA/MA)?
KCO Mumbai - 60
KCO Delhi - 55
SAM Delhi/Mumbai - 55
Trilegal - 60
Luthra - 45
CAM - 45

Just if you could qualify this with how sure you are about these numbers. I mean - are they hearsay or you heard from reliable sources.

Also, if there is any indication on AZB pls (AZB does not have PA if you could share details of SAs at AZB who are equivalent to PA at the above firms)
Its interesting how KCO, JSA, Trilegal pay their PAs more than sCAMsters. Wonder what's the position at AZB/ TTA/ NDA...
As usual CAM is worst pay master inTier1 and the one with most toxic environment.I still don't get what stupidity or insanity drives people to join this firm.
@Scott Hall, could you also provide PA/MA details for non- tier 1's just for reference? Such as DSK or Bharucha or such.
Hey guys, I am an ex-MA at B&P. 8 plus years work ex in Disputes/Litigation.

Salary was 42L fixed plus variable which is between 7 to 14L depending on work performances, client satisfaction and other such goals.

Hope this is useful for anyone who is looking out for the info.

I do know for sure that other firms such as KCO, CAM/SAM, Trilegal, etc. get marginally more in bonuses but that depends on the deals cracked by laterals.
PA in profitable team close to 60-65 lac.
PA in an average team : 50

SAs in profitable team: 35-40 (including super performer bonus)
Most PAs make around 35-50 lakhs. Quoting such high numbers by Scot Hall is highly irresponsible.
Senior Associates at top law firms make about 30-45 so the PA numbers are accurate till a certain extent
My sincere apologied Guest Sir - will work on being responsible in future. In the meantime please share your email address will share you the details of these PA salaries which i have on email from Vahura/GIPS/Adept.
This was posted on another LI thread. Just refer to this to see the progression.

CAM - SA 1 (7-8 lacs variable + 24/ 25 lacs fixed)
KCo - SA 1 (10-15 lacs variable + 26 lacs fixed)
S&R - SA 1 (Variable is dependent on performance + 26 lacs fixed)
Trilegal - SA 1 (10- 12 lacs variable + 24 lacs fixed)
JSA - (SA 1 - Total fixed + variable 30-36 lacs)
AZB (Variable is dependent on performance + 26 lacs fixed)
Any numbers for CAM/ KCo PA-1 salary and SAM/Tri PA-1/Counsel salary?
I hear Khaitan Delhi corpotate PA 1 latest is yearly retainer (2.3 lakh x 12 = 27.6 lakh) + yearly bonus (25 - 30 lakh) = 52 - 57 lakh approx
Exactly. An SA would generally be in the similar fixed pay range of 2.2-2.3 but would have a lower bonus component. So, all that would change is the variable as you go from a SA to a PA and fixed remain the same?
Anyone has SA/ PA deets for firms other than tier 1? Just so one can analyse
Any idea about IndusLaw? SA 1/SA 2 in capital markets team?
At JSA the salary is dependant on the team that you work in as large part of the variable is linked to 10% commissions on billings. So in a good team the PA's can touch around 80 lacs a year. The break up is given below:

Fixed Salary is 2.8 lacs per month = 33.6 lakhs
In a good team the PA will bill around 2.5 Cr to 3 Cr annually. Taking base as 2.5 Cr the 10% commission will be around = 25 lakh

The Bonus is at 12 Lakhs. Assuming you have billed 2.5 Cr, the PA will definitely get full bonus.

Total = 33.6 + 25 + 12 = 70.6 lakh. This is assuming 2.5 Cr billing. Some PA's bill more than 3 Cr as well.

I an average team the billing will be around 1 Cr to 1.5 Cr. Assuming at 1Cr billing then 10% commission will be around 10 Lakhs. Therefore, under an average team the PA will be earning around 33.6 + 10 + 10 = 53.6 Lakhs.

Hpe this gives perspective. As it all depends on your billings.
Let's assume effective billing rate (after discounts, flat fees, PSU clients, time billed but not charged, etc) of PA comes to INR 10000 / hour.

For billing 3 crores, PA would have to work about 3000 hours / year. That's 8.2 hours every days for 365 days. If we assume 250 official working days a year, that's 12 hours / day every day for 250 days.

Kids, don't merely look at the 80 lakhs figure, that life is not easy.