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Since the offers are coming in, wanted to know what my peers are earning.
Please stick to discussing Tier 2 law firms such as Indus, Keystone Partners, Kachwaha and Partners, Kanga & Co., Bharucha & Partners, Link Legal etc. Discussion about Top 7 firms have been done in a previous conversation on LI.

Mention designation and office when you quote your salary. Any additional benefits?
At Indus, 2021 A0s are being offered a 10.8LPA retainer with a 10% bonus. Anyone has any idea how much this is expected to progress 2/3 years down the line?
You get it here in LI report on the Indus pay hike,that should take care of the expected pay range for next couple of years.Thanks LI, now just another twenty more Tier 2 firms to cover :-):-)
On paper maybe but they haven't paid bonus properly in three years and this year paid everyone peanuts and some people nothing
B&P is one of the only firms that has a documented increment and variable pay calculation. They also ensure parity at level (even with laterals) in terms of fixed and variable pay.
All bonuses were paid out as per policy.
I'm ex-Bharucha as are a dozen other lawyers every other month I know what's documented and what isn't. Maybe if you spent less time fact checking people on LI and more time mentoring your juniors you wouldnt be bleeding resources every month. As if the firm would draft a variable pay structure on paper that benefits anyone other than the firm
Hey! I'm ex Bharucha too. Really good place. Much better lawyers than the tier 1 firms I worked at since.
Yes no doubt. Policy makers elected to send the bonus to Lonavala
Indus is in a funny spot. It is neither Tier 2 and not Tier 1 surely. It is somewhere in the middle. It’s final spot will be clear only in the next few years. The Tier 2 firms that this thread should focus on is NDA, Samvad, Talwar, LKS, Bharucha etc
Which band is Luthra in? They have lost the Tier 1 spot for sometime now. How much do they pay?
Lol. They offered me 35k in their IPR team. And even their other teams aren't crossing 12lpa. Gone are the days when luthra used to pay at par with their tier 1 peers.
I am a A2 at tier 3 shop with 10-6 job and fixed pay of 11 LPA + 5 variable. What do you make of it?
You seem to be well placed. Do you mind sharing your employer's name. The extra 30% at tier 1s is surely not worth the struggle
I make that you will live longer, have more hair, probably marry and have kids, likely not divorce, holiday in goa, drive a maruti, stay in andheri.
Ye kya Dukaan-Dukaan laga rakha hai?!! Law Firm bolte hain usko!!
It pays 1 lakh. It hasn't changed for a very long time. L
Apart from 1L/month.... First years also get bonuses. Typically a months salary to all and good performers can get upto 2.5 months salary.
Any idea how DMD Advocates is? Recently interviewed there.
You can expect your salary to match Tier 1's band within the next 2 years and go beyond that in the 3rd year.
DMD pays you 55k / month and 65k/ month after probation.
Bullshit that DMD pays that much bro. Here's a proper breakdown of the monthly salary structure at DMD:

Associates (0 to 5 years) - 30k to 1 lac (Litigation) & 40k to 1.2 lac (Corporate)

Senior Associates (5 to 7 years) - 1 lac to 2 lac

Principal Associates (7 to 9 years) - 2 lac to 3 lac

Counsels (9 years plus) - 3 lac to 4 lac

This is the real pay structure at DMD, with marginal difference between the Bombay & Delhi offices. The Delhi office pays slightly on the higher side but that is also because they retain their associates as well.
any certain fix amount or variable ? please specify would be helpful
Does anyone know what's the average yearly increment like at tier 2 firms?
How much does IndusLaw pay to an A0 in their Delhi office? In hand btao.
They dont pay much. Also, I haven't heard any flattering reviews of the work culture either.
16 lac for a senior associate at ELP? Doesn't it seem low?
PA1s 22 lakhs per yr and 3.5 incentive. Work bakwards from there.
Makes you wonder what the APs / salaried partners would be making?
This is wrong! As far as i know SAs gets 22. Why is elp pay so confusing for everyone on each thread. No clarity whatsoever such conflicting claims.
About 80k a month fixed. There's a variable pay component in addition, so I think it can go up to 11 Lakhs in all.
They have decreased the salaries from 40K to 25K this year.
How much does Pioneer and Stratage Law pay? I applied to both but only got Stratage interview jugaad de do bhai.
Do not relocate unless its in a Tier - 1 firm, or its to Mumbai.
Pioneer starting pay is 9.6 fixed plus upto 40% bonus. You can easily make 13L.
It has a horrible work atmosphere though. Also pay is differential and biased
Bumping this.
What's the pay range of Pioneer and Stratage
At an A0 level, the pay is 10 lakhs approximately. The variable component is pretty high as compared to other firms.
Excuse me since I'm very very new to this. What's variable pay? If it's performance linked, can the total exceed the 10LPA?
So, what's the break up of the compensation structure in 2021 for an A0?
Compensation structure is same since like 2015. 2021 me kya alag hoga
Can anyone share the growth trajectory at firms like DMD, PDS, Algo, Samvad, etc who start freshers at around 55k -65k? What would this figure be for A2, SA and so forth?
SA1's at tier 1 would make about 2 lakh fixed (24L) plus a variable of about 6-12 lakh so somewhere between 30-36 lakh.
I have no clue of what tier 2/3 SA1's would make but I suspect discount 20-50% based on current market trend.
Correct me if I'm wrong???
Nope SA1s at tier 1 would not make so much. 27 to 32 is the range,
Guys, if i start at a tier 2/3 at 65k as an AO, how much can i hope to make 4 yrs hence when i make SA?
Just some basic math assuming 10% yearly increments plus an additional bump for change in designation would give you a figure of about 1.1-1.2 lakh/ month
Any idea how the firm btg legal is? I am scheduled to intern here soon
How did you get BTH internship ?
Where do I need to apply at?
6.5 Lakhs per annum.

No guarantee on regularity of payment. Maybe once in 2-3 months. Last retainer paid for Associates was for February and for Partners was December 2020.
HSA has cut down on the salary by half. Check your facts before commenting. Thanks
Hsa salaries do not matter. They will promise something but not pay you citing atritious reasons. Join anything for lesser pay than HSAs no pay!
Does anyone have any idea of the difference in SA pay between tier 1 and others. There has been so much discussion in other threads and the figure for SA1 at tier 1's is around 27-32( might be more).
However, no one has given any insight into what this figure might be for non-tier 1's.
Kindly help.
Yes, can anyone provide SA details for any tier 2/3 firms that they have?
What is the salary for A0 at fox mandal?? How many A0s do they take on average? is it easier to get into for no college placement people?
Inadditon to discussing salary if anyone can provide if their firm is hiring fresher in any department, then it would be really helpful.
Freshers are typically paid INR 50,000 per month in the Mumbai office. While the offer letter says that the freshers are not entitled to bonus in the first year, there have been instances of bonus pay-outs of up to INR 2 lakhs in good years.
Base pay at P&A Law offices? I have heard (probably a rumor) that P&A offers 18 lakh tofresher.
1 lakh per month. But work culture is a horror story, good exposure though.
Salaries at L and S and ELP anyone? Senior levels. Please. Sa onwards.
I have an interview with Mansukhlal Hiralal and Co. I've been told the salary negotiation will be done at the interview. As a fresher, any idea what range I should shoot for?
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