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‘Tell your foreign fellow’: BCI chairman Mishra comments on AIR with wonderful rant / threat / offer (help us respond and win a prize)

The Bar Council of India’s (BCI) chairman Manan Kumar Mishra has responded to our request for comment on the news that the BCI had again amended bylaws to prescribe law schools to buy the All India Reporter’s (AIR) products, despite protests from vice chancellors and having agreed two years ago that such a requirement to buy from a single vendor was unfair.

On 31 May, we had sent the following email to Mishra:

From: Prachi Shrivastava
Subject: All India Reporter
To: Manan Kumar Mishra
Cc: Kian Ganz
Date: 31 May 2016 2:27PM

Dear Mr Mishra

Could you comment on the BCI's resolution deciding to prescribe using the All India Reporter's products to law schools?

Best regards,

We published that news story more than three hours later, headlined Why does BCI keep pimping multi-lakh AIR packages to colleges by amending bylaws, despite VC resistance? A truly excellent question…, without a comment from Mishra, having received no response from him.

This was consistent with several other recent times that Mishra has not responded to our requests for comment on various news stories relating to the BCI and to Mishra.

However, to our surprise, late yesterday, we received the following email response from Mishra (unedited, sic, etc, as applicable, hyperlinks added by us):

From: Manan Kumar Mishra
Subject: Re: All India Reporter
To: Prachi Shrivastava
Date: 1 June 2016 10:42PM

Who are you ? First tell me , only then I'll be in a position to say anything. If you are the same lady who had come in the premises of BCI along with that foreign national & had created ugly scene by hurling abusive language against the staff and manhandled them. If it is same Legally India which is selling some guess-paper for All India Bar Exam. on a huge price cheating the examinees , if it is same Legally India which is involved in misuse of its license ( u did not supply the copy of ur license granted by Indian Govt. to us even after our request to that effect) by publishing all sorts of baseless things against BCI for laying undue & unsuccessful pressure in order to secure work of conducting AIBE to the part of legally India ie. M/s Rainmaker ; if u are the same who had proposed for inclusion of some Law Book relating to Taxation matter in the curriculum of Law Institutions ; then we are not going to entertain you or your so called media at all. BCI is a statutory autonomous body , it does not require your or that foreigners permission to include any book or material in the syllabus of Law Institutions. One thing more , the tenure of contract with M/s Ites Horizon has now expired , if you have accepted the brief of some agency again for the coming tender and you have in your mind that by committing nuisance or making some sorts of baseless comments you will succeed in pressuring , tell your foreign fellow , it's Bar Council Of India not of a foreign country. Here things are done fully in accordance with law. Decisions are taken after thorough consideration . The decision with regard to AIR has also been taken after consideration by a High Level body of BCI. Moreover it is the prerogative of the Council to take such decisions.

The Legal Education Committee examines minimum Library requirements for an Institution . It has decided that materials of AIR electronic & other ,Central Acts , Local Acts , SCC , Corporate Law Advisor , Company Cases Indian Bar Review & other journals are the minimum requirements . AIR is the oldest Law Journal covering all the High Corts. E- library is one of the requirement for every law institution . We are sorry to say that we can't prescribe the study material of legally India for the institutions. Yours is simply a guess paper ; no scope . If you or some of your other friends have a good book or journal for the students of Law , you or he may also apply & present the book / journal before BCI or LEC and if found fit it can be included. It does not require any tender or advertisement . I hope you will fully understand the things , And you shall refrain yourself from repeating your mischiefs against BCI. Thanks & sorry for the harsh words used, But what can I do you & your foreign national has always been involved in unnecessarily criticising BCI on the issue of AIBE. Even you crossed all your limits on the day the matter was listed before Honb'le Supreme Court. You tried to dictate the Court as to what the Honb'ble Judges should ask ! You should have thought that it was a contempt under Indian Law. But your foreign friend is probably knowing only the law of his own country. Learn journalism & the law of India , how to behave with Honb'ble Court here.

Can you draft a suitable response to the BCI chairman? Win a prize!

Please post it in the comments.

The entry adjudged as best (by reader votes and generally accepted standards of quality), in our absolute and unfettered prerogative, not unlike the BCI’s to award contracts and product endorsements, will be sent by us to the BCI chairman and published on Legally India, and will also win a 12 month Partner Subscription to Legally India worth Rs 8,599 (see below to sign up if you can’t wait that long).

Entries must be grammatically and legally correct.

For the winner to anonymously claim their prize, we will request the winner (after selection) to email us in their own name or to create an anonymous Gmail account to receive their subscriber perks and newsletters on. We will provide instructions and more details on how you can set up the account to secretly forward to your personal account at the time of the award.

Full Disclosure: Mishra had sent a legal notice to Legally India on 25 May 2015 about our reporting of discrepancies in the tender, alleging defamation of the BCI; Legally India replied to Mishra on 8 June with a 40-page rebuttal letter (download) running to 200 pages including annexures (download); We have received no response from Mishra to any of the questions it raised.

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