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BCI chairman to LI: ‘We don't take notice of small mosquitoes like u.’ Now you ‘spread Dengue’, ‘our members will take care of you’

Bar Council of India (BCI) chairman Manan Kumar Mishra has sent an email today to Legally India editor Kian Ganz, who is a German national. Mishra has requested we publish his email in full without edits.

His email follows a request for comment to him we made on 13 September, before publishing a story on how the elected terms of at least 10 BCI members - more than half of the BCI’s members – had expired, with no prospect of new state bar council elections held any time soon.

The reason the BCI had given the Supreme Court for suspending state bar council elections, was the BCI’s verification drive under the Bar Council of India (BCI) (Certificate of Practice) Rules 2014. The Supreme Court is currently hearing a challenge to the rules, and had given the BCI until October to announce state bar council elections.

In his email of today, Mishra also responded to our story of 6 September about 12 BCI members arranging a business class trip to Washington DC for an International Bar Association (IBA) conference, which would have set the BCI back at least Rs 48 lakh.

According to Mishra’s email, that trip has now been cancelled because BCI members are too busy to go, due to the courts being open.

Mishra also refers to our critical reporting on the BCI’s award of the All India Bar Exam (AIBE) tender to contractor ITES Horizon Pvt Ltd under dubious circumstances.

This is not the first time Mishra has levelled allegations against Legally India being a “foreign agent” or making “mischief”.

For a rebuttal of some of Mishra’s points, such as his allegation that Legally India is “a part of Rainmaker”, please read our response to Mishra’s legal notice from March 2016.

Email chain below in full (emphasis and hyperlinks added).

On Sep 13, 2016 8:26 PM, "Kian Ganz (Legally India)” wrote:

Dear Mr Mishra
I understand that the following state bar councils' terms have expired and have not yet held new elections:
- Assam bar council: 1 November 2014
- Delhi bar council: 17 December 2014
- Uttarakhand bar council: 22 December 2014
- Bihar bar council: 17 April 2015
- Rajasthan bar council: 9 January 2015
- Maharashtra and Goa bar council: 18 July 2015
- Uttar Pradesh bar council: Around April 2016
- Kerala bar council: 16 May 2016
- Tamil Nadu bar council: 28 May 2016
- Himachal Pradesh bar council: 8 August 2016
- Karnataka bar council: 11 September 2016

What is the reason for the lack of elections at these SBs?

Why can verification not take place after and during elections take place in each state?

Best regards

On Sep 15 2016 10:40 AM, “Manan Mishra” wrote:

Mr. Kian,
Your one point program is to make baseless attempts to tarnish the image of B.C.I. Reason is known to every body by now. You were a part of Rainmaker who was removed by the council in the year 2012 under my Chairmanship. The removal was for the interest of B.C.I. and the legal fraternity. You were one of the major baneficiary,so you are still carrying the malice. Any impartial investigation n your call details will prove your regular n close contacts with the people who are the enemies of B.C.I. due to political reasons or for their vested interests
You always made nonsense acts by making comments about allotment of work to M/s It's Horizon but why did you not raised any question about allotment of work to Rainmaker viz. Your Company. Who were instrumental in allottin g work to it without any advertisement,without any tender. All illegal payments ware made to Rainmaker. The allotment was never approved by the Council. You know every thing. But people should know what are you.
It's India where the foreign  agents like you are trying to commit such nasty acts. Can you dare to make any such comments against the Statutory bodies of your own nation . Can you make any such comment with malice either against Law Society of England or Bar Council of England n Wales. If you do such nonsense acts against them I'm sure the Lawyers of England will never tolerate you n they may.....
But we Indians are very tolerant. We don't take notice of small mosquitoes like u. But now it appears you have started attempting to spread Dengue here. Our members will take care of you. Though to my information even 0.1%lawyers or Judges of India do not look to your FALTU writings.
Have you ever tried to ask the Judges of your country as to what should they ask ,what question should they put to a Lawyer or a client in a pending case.?
You know the matter regarding Verification Rules is pending in Supreme Court. And in such matter no prudent Indian or Our media will like to make any comment. Obviously you have tried to prejudice the Honb'le Judges. Everybody is now fully aware of your hidden agenda behind such comment.But our Honb'le  Judges are prudent enough to understand your motive n agenda behind such move.
But note it down,BCI has brought these Rules to weed out fake Lawyers n to identify the None practicing Advocates who are burden for Institution. If we undertake the election on the basis of old roll n Rules,the fate will be same. Again the Statutory bodies will be the representatives of such fake,cheat n non practicing Lawyers. Rules will become meaningless.Its
being done for the first time so,it's bound to delay d elections for some time. But we have been taking all efforts to complete it at the earliest. But without verification if we hold elections now,the Bar Councils will be den of unruly,farzi,fake n non practicing representatives.Bcz the gang / racket of the persons practicing wd forged certificates has become very active. They are misusing social media's to mislead people,spending huge money to defeat d Rules. I think you should not b a part of such people or media.
Madras H.C. has said no election without verification. The matter is finally to b decided by apex court of India. So,better you should keep mum till the matter is finally decided by the Honb'le S.C.

Have you ever verified in which class the representatives of Lawyers of your Country travel while going abroad for an air journey of about 15 hours.?
India is now independent n no more a slave of your Country. Mind it.
You have committed an offence by misleading the people of my Country. My members are sincere professionals, they didn't get time to go to Washington D.C. as our Courts are open.
I will again request you to refrain from doing such mischiefsIndian are tolerant but it does not mean that they will tolerate your every mischief. Try to be a gentleman n learn how to do constructive things from we,the Indians.
Hope you will mend yourself n publish every word of my letter without making any alteration. Try to behave like a sensible media if u claim to b. Though 99. 9%of people do not take notice of your such motivated things. Don't think you can be fool Indian Lawyers or mislead our Honb'le Judges.


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