CUTS files formal complaint to CCI against Google under sections 3 and 4 of Competition Act 2002; Bases complaint on practices in Korea, Australia, EU[Medianama]

SEBI tells SC that Sahara violated regulations by amassing Rs 27000 crore from 30 million investors in a private placement of optional fully convertible debentures, without any security for the “huge amount”; Says that rules treat it as a public issue [IANS]

US SC to decide appeal from lower court decision invalidating “first sale doctrine”; The doctrine permits the first sale of copyrighted material such as textbooks, iPods, by the person who bought the material [The Atlantic]

Puerto-Rican university professor obtains patent restricting textbook sharing among students; Makes grades partially contingent on participation in online forum, the participation code to which can be obtained only by purchasing a textbook [Spicy IP India]

Herbert Smith’s 43.5 “voluntary redundancies” in full-time jobs in April 2012 mirror 84 “voluntary redundancies” from June 2009 [The Lawyer]

Bureau of Energy Efficiency makes it compulsory for passenger cars to have star-labelling, based on fuel consumption in litres per 100 km, from April 2013 [Business Standard]