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Recruitment At NLIU , Bhopal

An estimated 26-minute read
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Welcome !

If you are reading this it means you shall, in some time, know about what is going on at the NLIU International Mediation Competition 2012, being organized from 12th to 14th October, 2012. This is the second time consecutively that the National Law Institute University, Bhopal is hosting an International Mediation tournment, a first of its kind. This year we are going to see 29 teams from India and abroad locking horns at what promises to be a very exciting event.

To begin with, what you must know about Mediation. It is an alternative dispute resolution method. This means no "If it may please this Hon'ble court", "In the landmark case of Nicaragua vs. USA", "May I please refer to the page number x", "..even though your mighty Lordship is not convinced at all" etc.

None of that.

A mediation session is where parties mutually agree to resolve their disputes through talking and a discussion-based model. The mediator takes place of a judge but his role is limited to facilitating the agendas for the session and he is more or less a silent observer. The aim is to arrive at a solution that is mutual and does not compromise much with the aims of either party. Now what this means is that there is a lot of scope for out-of-the-box thinking, real life solutions, creativity, even theatrics, without going into the legal hassles of procedure and a lot of paper work.

The competition is being hosted in association with International Academy Alternative Dispute Resolution (INADR), a leading international organization on mediation. As part of this association, INADR will hold a capsule training session for all the teams before the start of the Competition.

The three-day event has moolah too. There shall be three cash prizes – Best Overall Team, Best Advocate/Client Pair and Best Mediator.Best Overall Team gets Rs. 30,000 (approx. $540), Runner-Up Team -Rs. 20,000 (approx. $360) and Best Mediator – Rs. 10,000 (approx. $180).

So watch this space for the Higlights of the compeition. We shall be updating the blog every hour to keep bringing to you the quirks and the perks, what was said and what should not have been said. We start on the 12th. See you!

Also, find us here.



This blog will resume on Saturday morning.

13th October , 2012


Good Morning! Welcome to the preliminary rounds of the NLIU International Mediation Competition 2012. Before we begin to give you live updates from what’s happening, let us take a stroll around the format of the competition.

Slight correction on our part – There are 29 Institutions, participating in the competition. The number of teams instead is 32. A few schools have sent more than one team.

The Competition has three Major stages. The Preliminaries, the Advanced stages and the Finals. The preliminaries are in three rounds. Since each team has three members, a client, a counsel and a mediator, this is to ensure every team member participates as a client, counsel and a mediator, atleast once.  The top eight teams shall make it to the Advanced Rounds which shall be a knockout session. After this we shall have a final with four teams. All of this tomorrow!!

Here’s a list of the Institutions!

1. Amity Law School, New Delhi (GGSIPU)

2. Amity Law School, Noida

3. Amity Law School, Lucknow

4. Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies

5. BVP New Law College, Pune

6. Drake University Law School, Des Moines, Iowa

7. Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia

8. Faculty of Law, University of Allahabad

9. GLC, Mumbai

10. Gujarat National Law University

11. Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur

12. ILS, Pune

13. Institute of Law, Nirma University

14. Jindal Global Law School

15. KIIT Law School

16. NLIU, Bhopal

17. NLU Jodhpur

18. National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore

19. NLU Orissa (2 teams)

20. NLU Delhi

21. Rajiv Gandhi School of IP Law, IIT KGP

22. Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala (2 teams)

23. RMLNLU, Lucknow (2 teams)

24. Raffles University School of Law

25. School of Excellence in Law, Chennai

26. SVKM Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai

27. Symbiosis Law School, Noida

28. NUJS, Kolkata

29. University Law College, Bangalore

We shall begin with Round I shortly. Keep Watching.


Our problem for Round I revolves around a high profile bachelor looking for a bride through an online match making portal. He instead ends up with a stranger on a date who later records their “bedroom activities”.  Any Guesses on what the secret information is like?

A Caucus has already been called! In ULC Bangalore vs. RMLNLU, Lucknow , RMLNLU has called for a caucus and revealed some secret seedy information to the Mediators. The Judge looks fairly surprised.

So what’s a Caucus?  A Caucus is a meeting that a mediator holds separately with any one party to the dispute. In a mediation session either party or the mediator can at any time call for a Caucus. When this is done the other party must leave the room. The idea behind a caucus is to present your solution or structure to the mediator in an organized manner without the any interruption from the other party. It helps show your preparation level.


Caucuses all around! NLU Delhi called for one against Jodhpur and two caucuses have already happened in the round of RGNUL Patiala vs. NLU Orissa with Patiala sending Orissa out, twice already. Phe

Amity, Delhi vs. GLC is on with GLC showing good spunk! The Judges look pleased.


Its a fight! Patiala vs. Orissa is a big argument right now! Everyone is speaking at the same time and the teams look far from reaching a mutual solution. The Mediator from Drake Law school is stumped. Small hint ladies and gentlemen, you do not fight in a mediation session, you do not yell and you definitely do not shove fists in the air.

While Patiala is fighting it out, Amity vs. GLC is going on smoothly and in a very organized manner. The teams have excellent structure and good arguments. Also in Jamia Milia vs. KIIT, KIIT is trying to dominate a little too much. Not good strategy eh?


More drama in the Patiala house. Patiala has called for a side bar. This means the mediators as well as the other team is the out of the room and we can assume they are right now discussing their recent slip of decorum. Also, in another round the Team from NLS Bangalore was stopped from disclosing their confidential information by the Mediator. News and more news.

In ULC vs. RMLNLU the mediators asked the parties to arrive at a amicable solution. Looks like they reached a stumbling block here.

In BVP New Law college vs. Amity Lucknow, the Mediator from GNLU is very impressive.

We have a solution onboard! In RGNUL vs. RMLNLU the parties have reached a consensus after calling for a cross caucus (In which the Mediator leaves the room). Happy news for Patiala , finally. At the same time, Drake Law School vs. NLS Bangalore is also proceeding smoothly and looks like they might just arrive at a solution.

There is another interesting round! GNLU1.vs GNLU2 is seeing major aggression. The teams are arguing loudly and not very coherently.


Solutions and no solutions. Drake vs. NLS has reached a conclusion with an amicable agreement also signed between the parties. At the same time ULC vs. RMLNLU has also come to a mutual conclusion. But, the Patiala vs. Orissa still has some fumes. The Counsel from Orissa is speaking agressively while the mediators are asking the parties to stay peaceful and calm. The GNLU round has ended with no solution.


Almost all matches have come to an end. The Patiala-Orissa feud has not reached any solution. Round II shall start at around 3 p.m. We shall be back then with new match-ups and more news. Keep reading!







Round II has begun. The problem in this round is based on a contract of employment. The employee wishes to leave her job giving up her salary in lieu of notice. The employer on the other hand wants her to continue working as she has received special training for the project currently going on. Various clauses of the employment contract are in dispute. Lets see how this one works out.

Bangalore Institute of legal studies is facing NLS Bangalore. NLS has already called for a private caucus and is asking the other teams’ harsh statements. They appear highly stiff and frustrated and also slightly, hassled. Theatrics would you say? The mediator from Drake asks them to remain calm.

Praveen Gandhi College has called for a caucus against NLU Orissa. And now, NLS is arguing they want to proceed with litigation instead.The Mediators are trying to convince them otherwise. But NLS is not willing to compromise at all.


In Praveen Gandhi's Caucus the client is crying. Wow.

The teams are now starting to play tough. In BVP New law college vs NLIU, NLIU is slightly trampling BVP and it looks like BVP is just biding their time. In GLC vs. ILS the mediator from Amity Delhi is being very hard on the teams.


In Amity Lucknow vs. HNLU, the mediator from NLIU is askiing a lot of questions and playing a very active role. HNLU has called for a caucus and are being ,ahem, slightly emotional. Jamia Milia has called for a caucus against Jindal Global Law School.

Quarrels and tempers! In GNLU vs. NLU Delhi, there has been a light tiff , but very well handled by the mediator from NLU Jodhpur. Jamia is now accusing the mediators of bias in their caucus. They are being very agressive and the mediators are somehow triyng to explain themselves. Guilty would you say?. More, they've gone on to accuse Jindal of buying out the mediators. It just got serious.

In RGNUL vs. ULC Bangalore, the mediator from RMLNLU is doing a very good job. He asked the teams a question they could not answer. a joint session was called and the parties agreed on a joint solicitation clause. Atleast somewhere they are mediating.

NLS seems to be not giving in. While even, NLIU has taken a tough stand against BVP and are now not yielding at all. In the Praveen Gandhi match, the judges seem slightly bored. (Constantly looking at cellphones etc.).


Jindal has called for a caucus against Jamia. The other news from their camp is that in KIIT vs. Nirma University, the mediator from Jindal is speaking calmly wiht poise. Nirma is also giving practical solutions and performing well. The Judges seem interested. While they might work out something, in Amity Lucknow vs. HNLU, the teams have become agressive and the line of accusations has just begun. The client from HNLU, especially, is fond of drama it seems.

BVP is slightly flustering against NLIU and are contradicting each other, within the team. Jindal is willing to offer solutions to Jamia but not giving up entirely.They seem to have handled the situation for now.

In BILS vs. NLS the arguments are over but the teams are not very amicable right now.

In GNLU vs. NLU Delhi, GNLU has accused mediators of bias. While amongst all the chaos, Praveen Gandhi match has reached a solution.


Solutions in sight! Jindal and Jamia are discussing the non compete clause. Seems they got over the sour part already. While in BILS vs. NLS the Mediators from Amity Noida and Drake law School have taken upon themselves to offer solutions to the parties.

Jindal and Jamia have reached a solution with vigorous handshaking and a written agreement. The agreement is quite comprehensive with the points on salary, termination etc being succintly discussed. Raffles University and Symbiosis Law School Noida are thoroughly bored, along with the Judges. Foreign Charm you say.

GLC vs. ILS ended with no solution reached.


NUJS vs. NLU Orissa ended without any solution reached between the parties. The Judges said the mediators from Raffles and Symbiosis Noida failed to coordinate the match properly.

RGNUL vs. ULC saw a star performance by the mediator from RMLNLU. BVP also has a couple of stars around its head while it is being hammered by NLIU. In the same match, the mediator from Amity has not spoken in the past 30 minutes.


Almost all rounds have come to an end. We shall resume from Round III. Do read and comment.


Round III has begun.The Problem is based on a famous star football player and his contract with an old and famous football club. The player wants to renew the contract on the condition that he is offered much more money. They are mediating to negotiate the terms of the contract.

Amity Delhi vs. NLU Jodhpur has begun with Amity asserting continuously on their age while NLU Jodhpur seems to be bragging about their client’s importance. As Amity sees Jodhpur is gaining an upper hand, they call for a caucus.

In School of Excellence, Chennai vs. RMLNLU Lucknow, SOEL called for a caucus within five minutes into the match. Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies vs. NUJS sees good team work and rapport in the BILS team. Both teams have called for caucuses already.

A good match is taking place between GLC Mumbai and NLU Delhi where both teams have already called for caucuses and shown good coordination amongst themselves.


This just in! BILS vs. NUJS , after a lot of a little trying too much by NUJS just got ever. This has to be the quickest solution ever. Credits to mediator from Amity Noida who facilitated it quite well.

In Drake Law School vs. Raffles, things seemed to be getting slightly argumentey. Mediators from NLU Orissa and NLS Bangalore are trying to settle the situation. Raffles after some misunderstanding on the Tenure clause in the contract called for a side bar. Drake is accusing Raffles of not yielding at all. While the client from Raffles is quite rude, his counsel seems to be smiling enough for both the teams ,even the judges. So thats balanced.

In BVP vs. Nirma University, the mediator from Jindal is speaking well.


And SOEL Chennai vs RMLNLU has also ended after much frustration vented by RMLNLU. The mediators from Pravin Gandhi and ULC Bangalore seem to be happy after the solution or that they get to leave the room.

Raffles has declined to give the NLS Mediator any confidential information and refused her polite offer for a caucus. Drake saves the moment by cracking a joke. There is joy. The bubble is taken advantage of by Raffles by putting a new proposal on table. Drake retorts by threatening to cancel the contract. Joy no more.

Judge Albin Thomas congratulates the mediators from Amity,Lucknow and Jindal on their performance so far in BVP vs. Nirma.

The Client from GLC is suave. Amity Delhi is a stingy party and are not agreeing to Jodhpur's demands of increase in salary.


The Judges were happy with Nirma's performance till Nirma put on the table that they were willing to sell 6% of their shares. The change in expressions went from Scotch to cough syrup.


BVP vs. Nirma has ended. NLU Delhi is a bit overwhelmed, but hanging in there.

NLU Delhi and GLC have concluded their match. GLC seems to have taken the larger bite of the apple here.

Money and more money. Jodhpur wants money, Amity doesn't have any. Stale Bread.


Drake and Ruffles seemed to have finally solved it here with an agreement on renewal of the contract. The solution seems quite comprehensive keeping in mind the fact that the road travelled was quite bumpy.


Round III has come to end with most of the matches being concluded. We shall bring you the results soon.



We Bring Results!!

Teams that Move on to the Advanced Rounds- Client & Counsel

Drake University Law School, Des Moines, Iowa

NUJS, Kolkata

Jindal Global Law School

SVKM Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai

GNLU, Gandhinagar

Amity Law School, Noida

Rajiv Gandhi School of IP Law, IIT KGP

RMLNLU, Lucknow

Teams that Move on to the Advanced Rounds- Mediators

Amity Law School , Noida

Jindal Global Law School

NLU , Delhi

ILS Pune

NLU, Orissa

NUJS , Kolkata

School of Excellence in Law, Chennai


NLIU, Bhopal Qualified to both rounds but shall not be proceeding.

Cheers to the home team!! Avani, Aditeeh and Surabhi, we are proud of you.

Watch us for Finals tomorrow!!  Good Night.







14th October, 2012.


Good Morning ! We've arrived at the final day of the NLIU International Mediation Competition. The Problem is based on a company willing to sell off its stake in a Joint Venture. The other company in the venture is opposed to the idea. Further the Government of the country is also trying to intervent citing national interests. The companies are hence mediating.

Find the problem here at Page no. 9


The Matchups for the Advanced Rounds are

Drake Law School vs. RMLNLU  Mediators  - Jindal & NUJS

Rajiv Gandhi School of IP vs. NUJS  Mediators - NLU, Delhi & School of Excellence

Amity, Noida vs. Jindal  Mediators - ILS & NLU Orissa

Pravin Gandhi School vs. GNLU Mediators - Amity Noida & HNLU


And so it begins. In Amity vs. Jindal, the mediators seem to have different styles of handling the process. While ILS is sophisticated (uptight), NLU Orissa is casual (lazy).

While that's that, RGIP is busy trying to make coherent sentences as NUJS looks on quietly. The Mediator from SOEL is soft spoken and quite polite.

Drake vs. RMLNLU, Mediator from NUJS is in firm control and Drake has already called for a caucus. Avani of GNLU is quite active and has good communication skills.

NUJS has finally started speaking, and made a small mistake already. Apologies making their rounds. Jindal is playing it agressive here as Amity has to take a backfoot.


As NUJS starts to get their act together after the minor slip, a judge is reading water bottle labels. Not much difference you'd say. Mediators from NLU D and SOEL are sitting quietly. But the mediators in Pravin Gandhi vs. GNLU, HNLU and Amity, Noida are very active.

Mediator from NLU Delhi decides to talk, takes a caucus and sends NUJS out of the room. RGIP however doesn't let NLU Delhi speak much.

Mediators Jindal and NUJS are cooperating, while RMLNLU is overriding Drake. ILS & NLU Orissa have called for a private session. Amity, Noida is doing well on the expressions front while Jindal disagrees on clauses of drilling for petroleum in agreement between parties.

RGIP has brought notes to dictate from.To a mediation session. Old habits die...  NUJS hasn't talked much after the caucus.


RMLNLU is accusing Drake of backstabbing by going to the Government before consulting the other party. Do we have another Patiala House on the way? One silent Lamb from RGIP has finally spoken and NUJS has dropped the word 'Bombshell' in their arguments. No he didn't speak in response to that.

Mediator from Jindal in Drake vs RMLNLU is quite organized. In Amity Noida vs Jindal , Amity is making generous offers in Millions. Good times for Jindal!

Mediators ILS and NLU Orissa have messed up their facts slightly and have called for a private session in which they are favouring Amity Noida against Jindal. RGIP has told NUJS they are fed up. RMNLU continues with its good work against Drake who is slightly sulking right now.


Pravin Gandhi called for a caucus and sent GNLU out. Client from RMLNLU is being critical as Drake softens and accepts some of their arguments. RGIP vs. NUJS has become more interesting as judges are constantly noting their discussion. In Pravin Gandhi vs. GNLU things are seriously heating up.

Mediators NLU Delhi and SOEL won't let the other speak while RGIP enters after a caucus.

RGIP also like their pictures being taken, apparently. After pictures, the discussion is making headway with NUJS. SOEL & NLU Delhi have nothing to offer as they sit silently. Things are scattered all around in Pravin gandhi vs. GNLU with no solution appearing.

Amity agrees to a 49% stake and retaining HR and Technology if Jindal pays them for litigation costs in other countries.


RMLNLU has given a unique solution and Drake is pondering over it. Amity offers 2 billion to Jindal. Jindal says it would discuss with their Board of Directors. RGIP is giving too many solutions and jumbling their own stand forcing NUJS to ask for clarifications again and again.

NUJS is being slightly rude to the mediator from SOEL. Probably the scatterbrain solutions of RGIP are causing everyone to lose it.


Drake vs. RMLNLU is over without any solution. In RGIP vs NUJS the mediators SOEL and NLU D  are not allowed to talk at all and the session is over with arguments being thrown around by the teams. Judges seem fed up.

Amity vs. Jindal is over with the teams asking the mediators ILS & NLU O, outside the room , to not force settlements on the teams. Ahem.

Pravin Gandhi vs. GNLU is also over with no solution reached.

Almost all rounds have come to an end. We shall be back with results soon!





NUJS Kolkata vs. Amity Law School, Noida   Mediators - ILS Pune & HNLU

GNLU vs. Drake University Law School  Mediators - NLU Delhi & NUJS

The problem for the Final Round is between HOMESOLAR SYSTEMS, LLC. (Requesting Party) and DR. SHUKLA, DEAN OF IID (Responding Party). HomeDolar is an entrepreneurial venture started by a Mr. Verghese. The company fits consumer households with solar panels for domestic use. Mr Aberdeen a professor with IID , a university , invented a novel technology in alternate energy. He entered into an agreement with Mr. Verghese to give Homesolar an exclusive license to use this technology.  The University has strong objections to the use of University research in such a  and it has warned Mr Verghese about the same. Mr. Shukla, Dean of IID wishes to mediate as he believes IID has a strong case against the license agreement. Mr Verghese believes Mr Aberdeen can in his capacity license the technology. The situation is a stale mate as of now.


The Big one is here.

In NUJS vs. Amity Noida , Mediators ILS and HNLU have assured the teams of confidentiality and are asking them to remain calm and composed. They are quite comprehensive and expressive. Client for NUJS says she sees Future prospectives in the technology and hence she has approached the other for mediation. Judges are constantly paying attention. The mediators are now quiet.

Anirudh and Tanima from NUJS and NLU Delhi, repsectively make great opening statements in GNLU vs. Drake. Anirudh is very active and has caught GNLU on a small slip of tongue. Avani and Urvashi from GNLU are putting froward their intial positions, as mediators seek regular clarifications.


Anirudh and Tanima are speaking to one team at a time. Avani and Urvashi from GNLU cut into Drake 's facts about position of the Professor in the situation.

Client for NUJS is explaining the facts and Counsel then explains rules made to bind the other party. Amity Noida recognises facts by the other party and they realize they've similar reservations. Mediator from HNLU beleives they've had a decent start. NUjS now asks Amity Noida of the professor's authority to enter into a contract on a research that was done in the University.


Tanima asked for a private session and Urvashi from GNLU discloses Confidential information.

NUJS has called for an early caucus. Judge Thomas is noting things and Judge Surya Prakash is intently listening. Mediator from HNLU wants teams to summarize what they want. NUJS smiles after watching a camera enter the room. Amity, Noida mentions they have no authority to enter the contract. HNLU asked if they have legal issues and a caucus has been called and Amity is outside. HNLU is taking too much time inside explaing the uses of Caucuses. NUJS said they'd use promisory estoppel if need be.


Mediators ask NUJS what they want. Client from NUJS says he has been promoting the techonolgy and that Homesolar has customized it as suits their own needs. Counsel from NUJS tells of the benefits they are getting and they want a way in which the technology can be integrated in other products of Home Solar. At present they are local company and would want to go National. NUJS willing to give higher rates for the technology.

GNLU in caucus reveals confidential information that this technology gives them a competitive edge in the market. If they could acquire IPR rights, it would save them from paying monthly rents. They also say they can patent it after their contract ends with the third party, XYZ.


Drake is arguing on the basis of the investment the University made in the technology which is more than what GNLU ,the company, could ever make. After caucus, GNLU ,the company, says they are open for collaboration with respect to technology but the catch is that the University is a public university and can't enter into an agreement with the company so the Professor only can be contracted with.


NUJS, the company, is giving novel solutions such as an Internship agreement with the University, Solar Power infrastructure to the University, offering them minimal stock of shares etc. NUJS's efforts are acknowledged by the mediators. However the legal basis for contracting with a professor directly is called to question. HNLU's Mediator looks active and is giving hypothetical situations.

Drake is playing well ,with good coordination. NLU D and NUJS as mediators have good balance between them . Anirudh from NUJS asked Drake why is IPR Important for them as a University. Drake said it wants control and an agreement with the company over the technology but they do not want IPR rights asn the Royalty in most cases would be too low. Drake as University wants profits.


Drake's caucus gets over and GNLU is called in.

NUJS had a minor slip about the law and the fact and there is a slight contradiction within the team. Looks like the Client made a mistake about the law. Don't blame clients do we?

Who gets patent? Use of technology, legality, novelty of the technolgy are being discussed by NUJS and Amity. Solar infrastruture is their last resort even as the client from Drake wants to give it back to the UNivesity as she is an alumnus. Mediators ILS and HNLU have started discussing these.

Amity calls for a caucus.


GNLU tries to make the mood lighter with a couple of jokes as NUJS tries to explain Drake's position to them. Tanima from NLU D Interrupts and says Drake must explain their own position. Tanima has a fan following, confidential information from our side, and of course on a lighter note.

Drake, University Dean, says whatever revenue it'll get from IPR rights it will use it only for the University's purpose and not as profits, ever.

Counsel for Amity ,University, says NUJS's initial contract with Aberdeen is void. Amity is a balanced team and both speak on turns. ILS Mediator asks Amity to discuss within the team. Mediators clarify that NUJS has put on table an offer of 9% stake in Homesolar instead of their demand of 20%.


After quite a long conversation between parties Mediators interrupt in GNLU vs. Drake. GNLU doubts Drake ,university, spent 20 lakhs over development of technology and they ask for bills. Judge Case Ellis shows an interesting expression on GNLU's doubt. The GNLU Counsel is being slightly agressive.

Amity says they agree with NUJS's proposal of giving internship to students of the University. HNLU is being more active as compared to ILS.


Client from Amity wants legal clarifications from the company NUJS. HNLU's mediator stressed on important of commercialization and wants parties to keep this in mind. Amity, University, is adamant on the fact that they have patent rights and will not concede on this point.

Anirudh, Mediator from NUJS ,is confused about GNLU's royalty rate proposals. Urvashi, GNLU, is putting forward royalty demands cautiously.

NUJS goes radical against Amity  and wants to negotiate on stake holdings even more.


Anirudh is trying to bring parties back on track as it goes slightly array. Caucus with GNLU follows.

NUJS and Amity are discussing if they can both narrow down their demands. NUJS is now giving a 15% stake and said it could offer university Internships. Its revealed NUJS's client is an alumnus of the University.


Mediator from HNLU is verbose while ILS is quiet. HNLU is asking NUJS and Amity to consider their clauses on royalty. Amity wants royalty between 20 and 25% and are ready to make an exclusive agreement. NUJS gave option to increase the stake from 15% by two percent and decrease royalty to 17 %. Amity is stubborn. It is again arguing on the legality of the contract between Aberdeen and NUJS Company.

Anirudh suggests GNLU to involve Drake , University, as a part of their company's R&D department and pay for their research. Anirudh is a smart boy. Except he took off his coat and stretched. Not manners wise, maybe.

GNLU are disgreeing with Mediators with the counsel being agressive.


NUJS, company, gives 19.5% royalty for a period of 5 years , 7% stake, an internship programme and Amity accepts. There is a solution!!! The session hence ends.


In GNLU and Drake there is no solution in sight and the mediation seems confusing.


GNLU counsel Urvashi is taking the lead and being assertive. She says all profits earned out of Rs twenty lakhs that Drake invested in the technology and Drake says is would want funding for future research as Royalty rates are not so feasible as it would imply earning profits. Drake is being calm and discussing things.

GNLU proposes 8% Royalty for five years as compared to the 20% that Drake is demanding. Avani from GNLU seems flexible in this regard.


Agreement in sight! GNLU offers 12% royalty rate, for five years on the capital of Rs. 20 lakhs, which was the amount invested by Drake on the development of technology. This would be called a research fund donation given by GNLU to Drake, and the maximum this amount could go up to in the next five years,is Rs. 20 lakhs. But if the royalty rates amount to less than Rs 20 lakhs in the next 5 years GNLU is not liable to pay the remaining sum. Drake wants payment on 1st of January for the next 5 years. GNLU would like to pay it on a quarterly basis and Drake agrees to it.

Signing of the Agreement takes place.

Happy Ending. Final Rounds over.

We'll be back with the Grand Result. See y'all.




For the last time.


Best Mediator

Ritika Banerjee - HNLU, Raipur

Top Eight Client Counsel Teams for the Competition

1.NUJS, Kolkata
Drake University Law School, Des Moines, Iowa
Gujarat National Law University
4.Amity Law School ,Noida
5.Jindal Global Law School
6.RMNLU, Lucknow
SVKM Pravin Gandhi College of Law, Mumbai
Rajiv Gandhi School of IP Law, IIT KGP

Top Eight Mediator Teams for the Competition

1. NLU Delhi
2. ILS, Pune
3. HNLU, Raipur
4.NUJS, Kolkata
5. Jindal Global Law School
6. Amity Law School, Noida
7. School of Excellence in Law, Chennai
8. NLU ,Orissa

With this we have come to an end of the competition. Its been 2 days full of a lot of frantic writing and a lot of work for the Media Team for the competition. We hope you've enjoyed it.

Also Prateek Mishra asked us to tell everyone that a book co-edited by him was launched at the Valedictory session and it contains essays on Mediation and Negotiation. You're welcome Prateek.

Good Night.



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