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Khare partner Abir Roy joins LKS as joint partner

Khare Legal Chambers partner Abir Roy joined Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan as a joint partner in its Delhi competition practice on 2 January.

Roy, who had left Amarchand Mangaldas as a senior associate in May to join the Mumbai-based Khare Chambers in June, is the eighth lawyer in LKS’ competition practice including practice co-head and senior partner S Seetharaman. The NLU Jodhpur 2007 alum, who had stints at Nishith Desai Associates Mumbai and Pathak & Associates Delhi before Amarchand and Khare said he would have the same roles and responsibility at LKS as he did at Khare.

Seetharaman who heads the practice jointly with joint partner Sundar Ramanathan said: “We haven’t got any business plans as such to put our eyes on to. We are a litigating law firm, we just take it as it comes. We wanted to increase our own bench strength so that we can take up more [work]. We hope to do well. We will be doing both advisory and litigation.”

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Like +11 Object -12 Tejesh 05 Jan 15, 17:31  controversial
Congrats Abir da!! a grt move and keep rocking. All the very best in the new role.
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Like +7 Object -10 Roy RoCkS - SR 05 Jan 15, 17:38  controversial
Congrats Bro. Amazing news. LKS Comp Law practice is bound to fly high now... Your authority (including the book authored by you) on the topic is anyways top notch and knowledge on the practice area is unmatched...!!! Way to go...
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Like +6 Object -9 Saurav Ganguly 05 Jan 15, 17:39  controversial
Abir will add a new dimension to the team rather than 'bench strength'.
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Like +4 Object -2 JP 05 Jan 15, 17:41
What is a joint partner? All partners are joint/part owners of a firm.
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Like +7 Object -10 NLU 05 Jan 15, 18:31  controversial
Congratulations Dada!

But words such as "We haven’t got any business plans as such...we just take it as it comes....wanted to increase our own bench strength" are very open ended and jittery. I am sure Abir is better than this.

He is a better lawyer, ex-Amarchand, NDA and P&A. LKS ought to have a plan for a good lawyer like him.

And what is this concept of "Joint Partner", "Associate Partner" etc.? - I guess it is mere designation.

All the best Abir. Hope your decision was taken wisely and not in haste or desperate situation.
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Like +12 Object -9 BHOnsle 07 Jan 15, 00:26  controversial
NLU guys may like and feel proud. This guy whoever he is, worked with nda, jsa, amss, khare etc... And now LKS.. He never has had a major stint anyone which has made an inpact... This publication is just coz its relating to LKS...
Fuss is this...
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Like +1 Object -9 2 cents 07 Jan 15, 15:48
And you can't Google BHOnsle. And you think associates make an "impact" ... rofl ...
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Like +8 Object -2 Value 07 Jan 15, 17:19  interesting
Ur just 2 cents.. U have time to google on Abir Roy :)
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Like +0 Object -4 2 cents 07 Jan 15, 18:29
Touche :)
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Like +1 Object -6 2 cents 07 Jan 15, 18:31
But someone else (whose net worth is unknown) has the time to write a comment, but doesn't bother with Google.

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Like +6 Object -10 Guest 05 Jan 15, 18:39  controversial
Congratulations Abir! Way to go 'team LKS'!
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Like +8 Object -6 JSA 05 Jan 15, 19:25  controversial
Hey Kian -Abir spent 6 months with us at JSA too. Why do you discriminate against JSA!
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Like +19 Object -4 Guest 06 Jan 15, 15:18  interesting  top rated
Do we say Abir would be at Luthra, Platinum or KCO in 6 months intervals now? He has tried all most all other firms in the last 7 years.
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Like +1 Object -9 2 cents 07 Jan 15, 11:26
Why not? Btw. He has not "tried" other firms ... but "used" them.

P.S. Almost, not all most :P
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Like +5 Object -5 user 07 Jan 15, 12:38  controversial
Abir used or didnt / couldnt survive at JSA, AMSS, NDA etc..
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Like +1 Object -8 2 cents 07 Jan 15, 15:49
Yeah, right! Because only Nobel Laureates and Einsteins can survive in such rarefied environments! Let's stick to "used" baby.

Most ridiculous (and hilarious) comment.
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Like +5 Object -7 Abhijnan 05 Jan 15, 19:35  controversial
Congrats, Abir-da!
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Like +8 Object -1 M S Dhoni 05 Jan 15, 19:39  interesting
I am free these days and happy comment on Dear friend Abir's news coverage. Mr. JP, when Dada is praising the man then you should not come forward and try to digress from the trail. I know, as you cannot find any negative comment here, thus, trying to initiate a general troll on closely held law firms and fancy designations et al. But we aren't interested in these debate, we are here to praise the man, who had the vision (identified and mastered the practice area long before it came into effect), determination and belief (stuck to the practice area when his peer group were getting swayed by the charm of transactional practice) and integrity and self respect(when other around him tried to pull him down). All the best Abir.
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Like +3 Object -4 Dho le M S 05 Jan 15, 21:41
No one can pull any other person down, especially AR. You'd have to be a heavy weight to pull him down, I guess only the likes of SSC could perhaps pull him down.
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Like +7 Object -1 Dear Dhoni 06 Jan 15, 05:32  interesting
If this is sarcasm, it is indeed working out the magic ....
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 05 Jan 15, 22:26
With the new expansion, LKS strengthens its specialised practice in Competition laws. A great moment of pride for the NLU Jodhpur fraternity as its
alumni reach such great heights in their professional careers. Congratulations Abir!
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Like +6 Object -5 M a superman, salman ka fan 06 Jan 15, 11:19  controversial
well done Abir da. Truly deserving lawyer. One of the best in the field of Comp Law. Good catch by LKS
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Like +5 Object -5 Guest 06 Jan 15, 11:23  controversial
Congrats Abir !!!! All the best !!!
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Like +1 Object -6 Hero 06 Jan 15, 12:46
Off topic: Can LI please do a story on the upcoming LLM programme at Azim Premji University and the BALLB programme at Shiv Nadar university ? Thanks.
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Like +4 Object -1 Duhh 06 Jan 15, 13:01
Tum sab log budbak ho! Dada ne bola change position to India world cup final tak pahuchi thi

Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat, tum kya jaano...
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Like +11 Object -2 hubba 06 Jan 15, 14:22  interesting
Who is this person?
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Like +8 Object -7 Ex-NDAite 06 Jan 15, 15:01  controversial
Congrats Mr. Abir Roy!
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Like +13 Object -10 Lawyer 06 Jan 15, 15:52  controversial
Having worked with Abir I can say that he is a wonderful person. His ability to simplify complexities evokes praise. He has successfully handled high stake competition matters before CCI and COMPAT. He is indeed a client's delight. I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.
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Like +1 Object -2 Siddharth.Dubey 06 Jan 15, 16:18
Congrats Abir Da!!!! U nailed it againn!!!!

Have interacted with him on competition law and his knowledge is par excellence. And to top it all he is a PARTNER and also CHAMPION at POKER!!! DOUBLE PAIR!!!
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Like +6 Object -7 Ex-NDAite 06 Jan 15, 16:21  controversial
Congrats Mr. Abir Roy!..
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Like +9 Object -6 Sallu Fan 06 Jan 15, 20:15  controversial
Congrats Abir Da!!! U nailed it again...Have interacted with him on Competition Law and his knowledge is par excellence. And to top it all he is PARTNER and also a CHAMPION in POKER!!!!

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Like +13 Object -6 vlk 07 Jan 15, 00:21  interesting  controversial
I never knew he was a partner in Khare chambers. And I still don't know where and when this Khare Chambers was started. It looks like Lks is on the spree of recruiting law firm hoppers.. Then it was Niloy Pyne now it is Abir Roy.
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Like +5 Object -9 2 cents 07 Jan 15, 13:55  controversial
Why this kolaveri kolaveri di? We are all (hip)hoppers, aren't we? Or maybe it's just us ... you are from the sarkaari-naukri generation and believe in sticking-to-a-firm-for-de cades-to-prove-loyalty. Well, some stick to a law firm, some stick-it to law firms ;)

P.S. There is so much about the practice of law that you possibly don't know.
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Like +6 Object -0 KD 08 Jan 15, 00:48  interesting
Now lets not start naming these "hoppers" :)
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Like +6 Object -0 vlk 08 Jan 15, 00:19  interesting
2 cents while doing ur usual skip, hop and jump, you forgot to notice that there was nothing -ve about hoppers in my comment. I jus noticed that Lks has been recruiting only hoppers. N we may be from sarkari naukar generation but we are the best hoppers as we have jumped from (ever permanent) Government to (impermanent) law firms.. It will take ur complete life to understand what a jump we have done. Loyalty is jus an overrated joke. 2 cents, you will understand when you reach 50 n bow down to some 30 year old family partner.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -4 2 cents 08 Jan 15, 13:09
Arey, vlk, you took it to heart! Seems I rubbed a raw nerve inadvertently.

You argue on assumptions

Your comment seems to suggest that you are a much elderly person, yet you assume too much about me, although you neither know my name (or my daddy's name), nor my age, nor my family background.

I don't care about your story/ life-experience

I am neither interested in knowing what leaps of faith you have taken at a late stage of life, nor why you feel what you feel. Don't argue by appeals to emotion, which is a logical fallacy. I won't ever, in my life, pretend to understand what jump you have taken, so you can stop pretending to understand me.

A law firm stint is bound to make you bitter

It's a reality that the law firm sector just isn't meant for ones who jump from Government jobs after long tenures, although some firms indeed hire retired government officers as salaried partners (with a low salary). People like me have to hold the hands of such partners and guide them even for a simple legal notice.

How I will feel at 50

Trust me, I won't bow to any "family partner", because I belong to a generation that is not in the habit of signing letters with "Yours obediently" or "Yours faithfully".

P.S. I do feel bad for you. But hey, life isn't easy. Be happy that you are making money and don't feel bad about bowing to 30 year olds (that's my generation btw). Even a senior accounts officer bows to a younger CFO.
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Like +2 Object -4 M a superman, salman ka fan 08 Jan 15, 15:45
lols...brilliant reply 2 cent..loved the last statement. I don't understand what the fuss is all about. Whats wrong in jumping from one firm to another. Probably, he was not gelling well with his senior or did nt like the work environment or was not given credit for his efforts. How does it matter to anyone? Despite his jumps, if firms are hiring him, it goes onto show that that he has made a good name in market.
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Like +6 Object -0 vlk 09 Jan 15, 00:00  interesting
I appreciate the effort you have taken to underline each of your point. It looks like 2 cents got pricked at a place where it shouldn't.. The fact that you help someone with legal notices indicates the quality of work that you have been doing. I can see ur prospect at 50 as an affidavit lawyer outside civil court. It is jus a prediction, pls don't be pricked. Because it may be even worse.
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Like +7 Object -4 Harvey Reginald Specter 09 Jan 15, 13:38
If there is one thing that Abir has learnt from me is that - he does not wanna lose small, but wants to win big... Let me put the discussion to rest... There are two parameters of becoming a Partner at a Law Firm, expertise in a particular area of practice and a book of your own (clientele). Abir scores well on both the parameters. Thus, welcomed everywhere.
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Like +5 Object -1 Salman Fan 09 Jan 15, 16:39
This article has made more comments that others. Yeh abir da ke personality ka hangover hain sabpe :)
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Like +3 Object -0 Abhinav 13 Jan 15, 10:56
Congrats Abir. Great news :)
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Like +3 Object -0 Anon 13 Jan 15, 18:17
Congrats Abir, good on you mate!!
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