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3 lawyers file RTIs for BCI minutes; LI files appeal over Mishra’s decision to hide BCI documents [UPDATE-1]

Legally India yesterday made an appeal under the Right to Information (RTI) Act against Friday’s (12 December) decision by the BCI chairman to retract the BCI’s reply to an RTI request to inspect its meeting minutes.

BCI co-chairman Manan Kumar Mishra had said the BCI would not allow copying of all the promised documents because he feared Legally India would “create mischief”, despite having invited Legally India to its offices in an RTI response to inspect the requested documents.

[Full audio recording and transcript of reasons here].

BCI secretary and internal RTI appellate authority Jogi Ram Sharma and Mishra had told Legally India on Friday that the BCI would send a second written reply to the RTI within several days with formal, written reasons for rejecting Legally India’s RTI request, besides Mishra’s statement.

However, with the statutory period for an appeal running out on 19 December, Legally India sent the appeal by post to the BCI yesterday [see full copy of appeal below].

Sharma told Legally India by telephone today that he would reply to the appeal directly.

At least two advocates have submitted or will submit copies of Legally India’s original RTI request with the BCI.

One advocate posted a copy yesterday, while another advocate, Dushyant Arora, said that he would file a request by this evening.

Update 17:56: A total of three advocates have now filed RTIs.

Requests to other advocates

If you are a lawyer and care about transparency in your elected, statutory and representative body, or if you are a journalist or anyone else who cares, please help.

Print out the document that is linked to here, amend it as you wish or seem fit, or just enter your name, address and date, and include Rs 10 as a postal order, DD or court fee stamp in the envelope, to cover the fees under the RTI Act.

Let us know once you’ve filed it, at and let us know whether you receive a reply in 30 days. We’ll keep your identity confidential if you like.

Legally India RTI appeal

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