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CLAT results still wrong & mixed up claim students, despite GNLU’s new ‘reconciliated’ results

In a press release, GNLU Gandhinagar has announced that results for the Common Law Admissions Test (CLAT) are now available for download but students have continued questioning the accuracy of the results.

The note by the CLAT convenor, GNLU, confirmed that 33,491 results would be published today, as announced yesterday, after mismatched answer papers were “reconciliated” by GNLU. The press release (see below), also listed seven new features introduced to the CLAT by GNLU.

However, some students have continued to question the results on a Facebook group after corroborating the published Optical Machine Readable (OMR) answer sheets with the final results.

Many claimed that the new marks still did not reflect their true grades. One wrote: “this […] is not even my OMR sheet!! the answers which i have marked are left unanswered!!! :-( feeling annoyed.”

Others wrote:

attempted 170, omr answersheet displays only 155, marks scored differs from what i am calculating in given omr... rhis what they have done,, managed to find ways to upload fake omrs.. why dont they upload the real omr as they uploaded in answer key... ??? what the hell ??


GNLU - ur end is nearer , by tampering with my answer sheets you have shown how a cheap the institution it is . i had left only 6 questions , from where the hell u made it to 29 , hell of u . the date which is mentioned is not my hand writing , and most answers are wrongly circled even the damn easy ones . can't bear this man.


Now. I attempted 158 questions, my answer key shows just 139, where the hell are my 19 questions. I remember that out of 20 ques in maths i attempted 18 and now i can hardly see 8 marked. What nonsense is this??


CLAT 2014 Results have left me Puzzled. Once Again!
Possible Errors in the Result..

For a handful of kids ranks have improved but not by much as their score has only been increased by 1.25. This clearly indicates that one question that was taken as incorrect has now been treated as correct (.. and therefore a difference of 1.25 marks). An extra entry added in the Top 5 AIR Ranks and 4 entries in the Top 40 is just because of the addition of 1.25 to the total of some kids who had achieved higher rankings when the result was published the first time.
For the remaining their total scores remains the same and rank gets dropped.

Question 1: The BAR Code Error as mentioned by the CLAT committee in their OFFICIAL Document.... Definitely does not explain this.. Puzzled!

ALso.. they have not changed the answer for that question but must have given '1' mark for two correct options. eg. for Question X.. answer a and b both are correct.. many who had got 'a' wrong the last time (when 'b' was taken as correct), now have been awarded marks too. Therefore marks for both 'a' and 'b' have been awarded for Q. X.

Question 2: Login account has Q. 41 and Q. 131 where 2 answer options are taken as correct which were even considered last time the result was out, as per CLAT committee. Again Puzzled!

Questions 3: The OMR SHeets uploaded have faulty alignment. The Questions DO NOT Have the corresponding circles right infront of them. Alignment ERROR Bigtime. .?? PDFs are uploaded in the software for checking...????

And for at least 315 candidates, according to a poll in the Facebook group, their marks had apparently stayed the same as in the last round of released results, but their rank compared to others had decreased.

The results, which were first published six days ago on Saturday, 30 May, have been plagued by apparently incorrect results, and mixed-up answer sheets and keys resulting in too-low scores.

On Wednesday, one CLAT committee source said that reconciling results manually could take a full week, but GNLU made an announcement yesterday that results would be out by today.

GNLU press release

Gujarat National Law University, as CLAT-2014 Organising University has declared CLAT 2014 results which are available on Individual candidates can see their results along with a complete merit list by logging into their personal login account. 29,647 out of 33,491 registered UG and 2,025 out of registered PG candidates appeared for the examination in 21 cities which was held on 11 May 2014. 

GNLU was required to withhold the results declared on 31 May 2014. Following the identification of mismatch between the barcode sticker on the front page and candidate sticker ​i​n the backpage in few cases, the GNLU immediately​  decided to conduct reconciliation of all OMR answer sheets (approx 32,000). The aim was to ensure full and complete verifiable accurate examination results based on the mammoth exercise of reconciliation of all detail​s i.e. OMR answer sheets, question paper booklets, attendance registers, admit card details, etc.​, as soon as possible. GNLU deeply sympathizes with the anxiety in connection with the declaration of results.

NLSIU, Bangalore (Karnataka); NALSAR, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh); NLIU, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh); WBNUJS, Kolkata (West Bengal); NLU, Jodhpur (Rajasthan); HNLU, Raipur (Chattisgarh); GNLU (Gandhinagar); RMLNLU, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh); RGNUL, Patiala (Punjab); CNLU, Patna (Bihar); NUALS, Kochi (Kerala); NLUO, Cuttack (Odisha); NUSRL, Ranchi (Jharkhand); NLUJA, Guwahati (Assam) admit students in UG and PG courses on the basis of CLAT. Tamil Nadu National Law School (TNNLS - Tiruchirappalli) and Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University (DSNLU – Visakhapatnam) have been given provisional admission into CLAT-2014, subject to fulfilment of certain conditions.  In addition to above, several universities, institutions and colleges use CLAT results for admitting candidates into UG and PG courses. Furthermore, the CLAT results are also used for purposes of recruitment of law graduates by several corporations and institutions across the country.

GNLU, as the Organising University introduced the following new features in CLAT 2014.

1. Introduction of full and complete online registration, counselling and admission process to save money, efforts and time on part of students, parents, guardians and all stakeholders;

2. Individual webpage for all registered candidates;

3. Indirect creation of huge IT awareness as all required documents of candidates are now available in electronic form. The candidates now have electronic repository of their documents which would be helpful to them beyond CLAT 2014, thus, making best use of information technology;

​4. Extension of timeline upon requests from parents and candidates in view of elections and re-scheduling of board exams in various states which shortened the critical preparation period for us in conducting examination of the highest number of candidates in a smooth manner across 21 cities;

​5​. Publication of question paper with answer keys before the results and obtaining feedback from candidates and other stakeholders;

​6. Availability of individual OMR answersheet in login account along with the question paper and the corresponding answer key; and

​7. Option of physical verification of all relevant documents at CLAT Secretariat in Gandhinagar, in case, if required by the candidates.

Important Note: Candidates wishing to physically view their OMR answer sheets may fill in the form available on the CLAT website and can visit the CLAT 2014 Secretariat in Gandhinagar, along with their admit card and proof of identity, from Saturday, 7 June till Tuesday, 10 June 2014 from 1000 to 1700 hours. The commencement of online counselling and admission for the first 2500 merit-cum-preference candidates will begin from Saturday, 7 June 2014.

On behalf of all participating NLUs, GNLU thanks everyone for their valuable suggestions, during last 8 months, in conducting the CLAT 2014.

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Like +17 Object -0 Guest 06 Jun 14, 21:10  interesting  top rated
"Candidates wishing to physically view their OMR answer sheets may fill in the form available on the CLAT website and can visit the CLAT 2014 Secretariat in Gandhinagar, along with their admit card and proof of identity, from Saturday, 7 June till Tuesday, 10 June 2014 from 1000 to 1700 hours. The commencement of online counselling and admission for the first 2500 merit-cum-preference candidates will begin from Saturday, 7 June 2014."
Is this how you show that you have complied with the principles of natural justice while ensuring that it remains a pipe dream? Or, is physical verification of OMR answer sheets to be made available only to those rich enough to afford to reach Gandhinagar from all corners of India at such short notice?
Why is the complete rank list not being made available? Without it, where is transparency, so essential for justice?
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Like +4 Object -2 22upon7 06 Jun 14, 21:38
Another point: You accidentally wrote "30 May" instead of "31 May", as the date for original results.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -19 Guest 06 Jun 14, 22:49
Scandalous conspiracy by media and vested interests to defame Prof Bimal Patel.
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Like +4 Object -2 Outsider 08 Jun 14, 17:24
Just like the Investigation Committee Report, isn't it? ;)
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Like +10 Object -20 Guest 06 Jun 14, 22:52  controversial
Since first clat nobody was able to see his OMR and Q paper only GNLU has shown the quest. Paper and OMR..Many dont know what exactly happened and believed on rumors etc etc ..My parents personally visited GNLu and complimented GNLU for their efforts and response given by officials ...I am satisfy with the process which no law school did before GNLU..Thanks
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Like +8 Object -0 For argument sake 07 Jun 14, 10:08  interesting
So, what made your parents visit GNLU? Was it because of the original result fiasco? If it was not for that, then I sure hope it is not to influence the results! (Just an attempt to pull your leg, no offence meant.)
The point is, why is it that the QP is not allowed to be taken away by the candidate for all CLAT exams? That way a candidate is sure to know what answer he has marked for the exam while he gets to verify his OMR sheet which can easily be substituted by a fabricated one if the organisers want to cover up something. I am not suggesting that it has been done, but that possibility is always open. GNLU has done a good job in releasing it later, but was it not a forced decision on account of a high court ruling which called for allowing a candidate access to his OMR and consequently the QP for verification?
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Like +7 Object -0 MyCLATwentshit 07 Jun 14, 16:14  interesting
I think it's enough. Let's leave people who've done well be, they deserve where they are right now.
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Like +3 Object -0 @ MyCLATwentshit 09 Jun 14, 12:28
You could say what you are saying if GNLU showed correct OMR sheets to the candidates, instead of issuing fake OMR sheets. When candidates are getting fake OMR sheets which do NOT reflect their OWN answers, why should they accept that the candidates who have ranked better "deserve" their rank?

You are either from GNLU, or retarded. With downward revision of ranks for 300+ candidates, it is suggestive of a scam that needs further probe for the truth to be established.
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Like +6 Object -1 Commentator 07 Jun 14, 18:23  interesting
2019 will see less than smart lawyers definitely. No one would want to wait and struggle for months to see which college they are going to. So Many careers at stake here.
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 07 Jun 14, 18:46
AJust wanted to say that the OMR for CLAT 2009 was released online individually. Thus not a new feature. GNLU should know that. And we had no issues with the marking. That's pretty much the only significant new feature GNLU seems to have introduced.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 07 Jun 14, 19:51
Kindly do a story on India Today rankings.
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Like +0 Object -0 Haha 08 Jun 14, 18:31
Thats why GNLU is still 2 ranks above NLIU Jodhpur in IT survey
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Like +1 Object -0 :/ 09 Jun 14, 11:39
Quoting Haha:
Thats why GNLU is still 2 ranks above NLIU Jodhpur in IT survey

NL"I"U? Jodhpur? Please do not insult NLIU!!
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Like +3 Object -0 @ Kian 09 Jun 14, 10:55
Kian, can you please provide a link to the Facebook page which is the basis of this paragraph.

"And for at least 315 candidates, according to a poll in the Facebook group, their marks had apparently stayed the same as in the last round of released results, but their rank compared to others had decreased."
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Like +3 Object -0 anu 09 Jun 14, 14:14
Yes!!! I agree with that. my son also has faced the same situation. rank dropped with the same marks. if barcode matching alone was the problem with the same marks how can the rank change?
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Like +1 Object -0 22upon7 09 Jun 14, 15:45
Same with me. My score is same but rank has dropped. Same is with everyone I know.
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Like +0 Object -0 anu 09 Jun 14, 14:17
also in the omr we found that his marks are not tallying with the score they declared. it is less by 0.25. so his rank needs to be revised and improved
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Like +1 Object -0 samir 09 Jun 14, 23:29
1) GNLU acknowledges mix up in the two sets of barcodes for the roll numbers and promises revaluation. The so called exercise ought to have resulted in substantial changes. Some would have got increased scores(quiet a few by substantial margin) and some lower scores(quiet a few of them by substantial margin). Instead we are seeing only a cosmetic increase in the score of some that too on account of a question, the answer to which the question paper setter himself had no clue, which had been incorrectly marked despite the correct answer having been pointed out. It is public display of not only incompetence and ineptitude,but also obstinacy of the highest magnitude. Witnesses do turn hostile, but a public institution backtracking on what it had admitted publicly is a conduct which demands inquiry and judicial intervention.
2) It is perhaps the first time when the entire merit list is not being displayed. Combine this with the fact no one has stepped forward to claim his or her relative success at being at the top of the pecking order. This display of reticence and coyness is unprecedented and makes one suspect that there is something more to it than meets the eye. In the background of relative scores, this is an entrance exam which has set records. Marks which would have seen one comfortably hoisted in the NLSIU, will only see one in GNLU, that too if one is lucky. There is a need for public enquiry. Justice must not only be done, but also seen to be done.
3)GNLU set a precedent by computerising the entire chain including online filing of application forms. But left two limbs uncomputerised which anyone can say would create confusion and affect the ability to seek redressal. It added the requirement that in addition to the candidate filling the roll number , the invigilator will paste the bar code. The responsibility for mixup is conveniently shifted on the invigilator and the attestations in form of centre in charge's signature et all suddenly lose relevance. If GNLU could want scanned copies for admission application, what prevents it from providing one to the candidates of the answer sheet, for a small fee if need be. If you conduct an all India test and provide one only at Gandhinagar, not the most central location, for only three days, one does start suspecting the bonafides.
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Like +0 Object -0 gafla 15 Jul 14, 17:16
In CAT n IITJEE, a 'gafla' of 300 bogus fellows still leaves thousands of seats for genuine candidates ( god bless them ), but in clat a 'gafla' of 300 bogus chaps at the top completely destroys all the tasty cookies ( top 4 NLUs ) from reaching the deserving babies thereby permanently destroying their future n morale. 'Gaflas' are an act of terroism n those who discreet bits before exam are terrorists ! 25/30 quiet questions can completely change the composition of the top 300 merit list !
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Like +0 Object -0 hoopla 15 Jul 14, 17:35
The 'hoopla' that this year's clat paper was easier than last year's has been deliberately propounded and propagated. There were those who were shouting themselves hoarse immediately after the exam trying to drum up a fictitious general opinion that this yr's paper was easier than last yr probably in anticipation of the necessity to explain away the fantastic cutoffs they knew were coming beforehand due to too many spilled beans. Nothing can be easier than last yr's paper. In fact i defy anybody to get more than 35 correct answers in this yr's GK section. How can one get 160+ scores without getting 35 correct answers in GK ! Common, anybody ?
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