GNLU Gandhinagar, the convenor of this year's Common Law Admissions Test (CLAT), has promised to investigate and fix candidates complaints of wrong grades on the 2014 exam, which was apparently caused by a mix up of stickers and bar codes on exam papers.

The announcement follows GNLU withdrawing Saturday's results after possibly hundreds of candidates complained that their CLAT marks were between 20 and 150 marks less than expected out of a total of 200 points.

A statement sent by GNLU director Bimal Patel read:

Upon declaration of the results on 31 May 2014, the CLAT -2014 Secretariat, Gujarat National Law University, received emails from several CLAT-2014 candidates expressing concern on the marks expected and the score declared.

During the examination, to ensure integrity and confidentiality of the OMR sheet, the candidates were required to put the barcode sticker on the front page of OMR while name, signature, roll number and candidate sticker were to be affixed along with invigilator’s signature, and later concealed on the back page of the OMR sheet. Candidates were also required to sign the attendance list, after affixing of the stickers, in addition to display of admit card and signature by the invigilators.

During the process of dealing with the queries upon the declaration of the results, the only issue the Secretariat found was that the barcode sticker affixed on the front page of OMR answer sheet and candidate sticker affixed on the back page, in few cases, was mismatching. Any mismatch between the barcode and the candidate sticker can cause the marks being reflected against a different roll number. In other words, if on the OMR of candidate X, by mistake the barcode sticker of candidate Y was affixed on the front page, (s)he would get score of Y candidate than his/her own. This would obviously generate a scenario of mismatching of score and eventual incorrect merit list. To remove any error due to this mismatch and to ensure that the OMR-generated score belongs to the corresponding candidate only, the reconciliation of the barcode sticker and the candidate sticker has been undertaken for all candidates. The process integrity and confidentiality standards adopted by the CLAT -2014Secretariat are very high and the robust mechanism has been adopted to eliminate any scope of error. Therefore, candidates are advised and reassured that they should have no doubt whatsoever. Furthermore, OMR answer sheets will be uploaded in individual candidate’s login account once the reconciliation process is over. In addition to access to their own softcopy of the OMR, CLAT-2014 Secretariat will be open for physical verification by any interested candidates.

CLAT -2014 Secretariat appreciates hundreds of compliments and suggestion from candidates, parents and all stakeholders on uploading of the model answer key and the process of online registration, counseling and admission undertaken for the first time since the introduction of CLAT in 2008. The reconciliation process will ensure fairness and justice to everyone and eliminate any error or doubt anyone may have in the process.

The revised results will be declared as soon as possible and we will ensure that any delay due to this reconciliation is reduced to the maximum extent possible. CLAT-2014 Secretariat thanks all for their patience, understanding and cooperation.

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Like +4 Object -1 abhay 02 Jun 14, 19:55
it is not a mixup. there is massive gadbad on a scale which is unimaginable. Gnlu has been one of the institutions whose dealingS on those seats where the candidates did not turn up is shrouded in a cloak of secrecy. Since it involved few seats, they got away with it. If the bar codes did not match then it was not the fault of the candidate, as he would have done what was expected of him and he would have only one bar code to play with, but of centres. This was an unneccessary innovation of this year's CLAT, reflecting the mind of either a buffoon or a cheat who is planning a massive scam. The fault can easily be laid on the door of the centre.One can take one's pick as to what he thinks of it. Two things strike me. Firstly there was a reluctance to show how one fared against others. The one with good looks do not want to wear the burqas, it is for the ugly. What was the ugliness/filth out there that the GNLU was trying to hide. Secondly this year's paper was of the same level of difficulty as that of last year's CLAT. Normally some one with 140-142 marks would be expecting to get into NLSIU as that would comfortably place him amongst first 50-60. If this year it could mean a rank of 400, and being in queue for Gnlu, then we are seeing grade inflation on an scale unheard of. There is saying in hindi- saiyyan bhaye kotwal tab dar kahe ka. Was it this that gave wings to this scam but unexpectedly hurt some big DADDYS.
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Like +1 Object -3 Suresh Sharma 03 Jun 14, 12:22
Hi, all readers, CLAT-2014 U/g entrance exam candidates and parents, the following letter was posted on helpdesk of CLAT-2014 organizing committee for clarifications on CLAT-2014 Results debacle. Please read thru' it and re-send to all concerned who are affected due to this mess.
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a guardian of one of CLAT-2014 U/g entrance exam. candidates. As per the official 'Final CLAT brochure.pdf', under table 'Important Dates', page no. 78, you have provided following details :
Item 6. Date of Declaration of Results : 31st May 2014 (Saturday)
Item 9. Commencement of counseling period for first 2500 candidates : 1st June 2014 (Sunday)
At the bottom of the same page you have mentioned followings:
If any of the proposed dates falls on a public holiday (non-banking day) or in case of any emergencies, the next working day will be reckoned as the due date.
Prima-facie, it appears that you are very well aware that you are going to publish the result on a late weak end and you are keeping the door open for enrollment for counseling as 'start date', if some one furnishes the required amount of Rs. 1 lakh thru' online or offline payment mode.
To me this appears to be a very big 'gate-way' to adopt unfair means of blocking the eligible candidates and trading the seats.
In reality, you published the results close to mid-night of 31st May 2014 (Saturday) 2014, so that very few candidates actually knew the results were out on that very night. You did not open the online payment gate throughout 1st June 2014 (Sunday). Prima-facie, an intentional approach.
Only a few of candidates know that in a selective progressive states, the banking operation does takes place on holidays (Sunday) by a few selective private banks (like in the State of Gujarat).
So all these steps means a premeditated approach to debar the eligible candidates on the merit and preference and to open the floodgate of corrupt means.
I will request clarifications on behalf of all candidates and their parents to defend your position on all actions taken by you in preparing the schedule important dates.
I am also forwarding a copy of this letter to our hon'ble minister of higher education, law & justices and consumer protection forum to be aware of this event.
Thank you and looking forward to hear from you sooner.
- Suresh Sharma, Lucknow, UP.
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Like +2 Object -0 Umadbro 04 Jun 14, 11:30
What? You're saying that they were planning to allow students without counselling? Or the students who have gone through proper counselling not get what they actually got in counselling?
PS: *weekend.
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Like +1 Object -0 Hemant 03 Jun 14, 13:59
What about the Subject part of the PG test? How does one know that there was no goof up in sticking proer barcode stickers? I think the subjective part also should be uploaded so that the candidates know tht their overall scores reflect the totals of the subjective and objective part of the PG answer sheets correctly.
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Like +0 Object -0 Visitor 04 Jun 14, 00:01
People planning to take the upcoming bar exam, please feel free to visit!
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